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Meet the Israeli startups on Inc.’s list of 10 Tech Companies Helping Humanity

Inc., a leading website and magazine focused on growing companies, put together a list of 10 tech companies, ranging from early stage startup to post IPO, that are affecting humanity with brilliant technology and execution. “Social entrepreneurship,” “benefit corporations,” “social enterprises,” and “impact investing” are just a few of the terms that have been invented to help describe and define the growing trend of businesses that are trying to do good at the same time they watch their bottom lines. Out of the 10 startups listed by Inc., 7 of them are Israeli companies fresh out of the Startup Nation. Besides being very useful technological innovations and business opportunities, these representatives of the crème de la crème of Israeli innovation are making the world a better place while generating a solid ROI along the way. Here is the Made-in-Israel edition of Inc.’s list of the 10 Tech Companies Helping Humanity: Telesofia Medical Founded by a team of medical doctors and Internet industry veterans, Telesofia Medical provides automatic health literacy solutions to empower patients and save health care costs. The company’s platform allows healthcare providers to automatically generate personalized...

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Sharing is Caring: Tmura helps Israel’s high tech sector share the wealth

The Startup Nation is famous for its ingenuity in the high-tech field, yet many people are unaware that Israel is also a hotbed of social innovation. The notion of community service is very characteristic of Israeli culture, one deeply rooted in Judaism. The concept of Tikkun Olam, literally translated from Hebrew as “repairing the world”, connotes social action and the pursuit of social justice. Nonetheless, for many years, Israel’s high-tech industry has been accused of being detached from society and its surrounding environment. It may be unfair to expect of early-stage startups (typically cash-poor with significant expenses) in the beginning of their growth process to think about social responsibility and giving back to the community. With no cash in the bank, how can we expect them to cough up money for charity? This is where Tmura steps in and offers a great solution for these “young” startups that want to give back to the community but can’t quite afford it just yet. Tmura: turning the Startup Nation into a charity nation Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, is a non-profit...

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