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[Sight Diagnostics in News Americas] Much-needed breakthrough medical technology deployed for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago

News Americas, MIAMI, FL., Thurs. October, 27, 2022: The first ever portable hematology analytical instrument by Sight Diagnostics called the OLO has been installed in the Caribbean to provide near-immediate Complete Blood Count (CBC) results to patients of Trinidad and Tobago, especially within the areas of the critically ill, oncology, and pediatrics. The CBC analyzer that accelerates the time to diagnosis and treatment will be deployed at ABC Paediatrics on November 1 at a gathering of country officials in conjunction with the medical community. This cutting-edge technology is meant to replace the bulky Flow Cytometers in low-volume and critical-need point-of-care testing (POCT) sites and settings. Read...

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[Sight Diagnostics in Newswire] Sight Diagnostics® and Inter Medico announce the Health Canada approval of Sight OLO for point-of-care testing

Sight Diagnostics, the company delivering lab-grade Complete Blood Count (CBC) results in minutes, today announced it has received Health Canada approval to provide Sight OLO® analyzers for point-of-care settings. Through its distribution partner Inter Medico, Sight will bring the first and only 5-part differential CBC testing to emergency departments, hospitals, and other decentralized settings across Canada. Read...

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