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The Need for Speed: Next-Gen Wi-Fi Startup Technologies

With more and more consumers choosing video streaming services as their main source of content, “cord cutting” or disconnecting from traditional pay TV providers has become prevalent. Because of this, providers have experienced a significant reduction in subscribers, particularly the millennial contingent who use tech devices predominantly for media consumption; over 87% using two to three tech devices at least once every day. As many of these devices are portable and connect over Wi-Fi, service providers have had to make a strategic shift from being pure pay TV providers to becoming broadband providers since Wi-Fi is the main touch-point for broadband services. Wi-Fi Overload Due to the many Wi-Fi touch-points such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and security cameras, and the rapid growth of IoT, Wi-Fi has become strained beyond its capacity. Now, the most pressing need for providers is to ensure that Wi-Fi can deliver the full range of broadband and pay TV services within the home, like internet and data, home and hotspot services, over-the-top content, smart home apps, cellular offloading, and more. Many have attempted to address...

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When the Chips are Up: Israel’s Burgeoning Semiconductor Industry Sees Exits Worth Billions

Israel’s history in the semiconductor industry started back in 1974, when Dov Frohman, one of Intel’s first employees and inventor of EPROM – the erasable, programmable, read-only memory chip that eventually led to the creation of flash memory – left Silicon Valley to return to Israel. Frohman had been asked to establish a small chip design center in Haifa, which, at the time, was Intel’s first center outside of the U.S. Fast-forward to 2016, Intel is now the largest employer in Israel’s high-tech sector, having invested over $10 billion in the country and with exports totaling $4.1 billion. Building on such achievements, the Israeli semiconductor industry has now grown to employ over 20,000 people in dozens of companies. Almost all of the world’s leading semiconductor firms have significant R&D centers in Israel, alongside which a large number of local semiconductor companies have grown. The Israeli semiconductor industry is now one of the most advanced internationally, with the second or third highest concentration of design houses in the world. Quick Snapshot – A Look at Major Israeli Innovations From design...

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