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By OURCROWD The decision by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to expand its definition of an “accredited investor” paves the way for thousands more aspiring venture capitalists and angel investors to benefit from investing in the private markets. The new rules, which took effect Dec. 8, 2020, will further democratize the ability to invest in startups before they go public, allowing more investors to enjoy the often outsize pre-IPO returns accessible until now only to institutions and high net worth individuals. Before the changes, “accredited investors” were defined as the following: Individuals with more than $1 million in net worth (excluding the value of any primary residence) or who have earned more than $200,000 per year (or $300,000 with a spouse) in each of the last two years.Related parties to the issuer of securities, including its executive officers and directors.Certain specified organizations with more than $5 million in assets.Institutional investors such as banks, and other entities which meet certain legal criteria. The following are now added to the definition of “accredited investors”: A person who holds in...

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In the News: What’s our role in helping the SEC?

Can you imagine playing a role in helping the Security Exchange Commission? Actually, we do have a role to play. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has proposed allowing more people to invest in early-stage companies – which would herald a long-overdue democratization of the market. Simplifying, harmonizing and improving the exempt offering framework, as the SEC proposed in March, will promote capital formation in unlisted companies while preserving and even enhancing important investor protections. Together, these steps will unleash huge untapped reserves, enabling tomorrow’s technologies to grow faster, for the benefit of all. Read more from my latest article in Investors on the Frontlines, and subscribe for upcoming editions. Will the Startup Nation bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic? I was happy to be among other voices across the Israeli VC landscape giving our perspectives in the recent issue of Newsweek.   Top Tech News With a 139% rise on its first day of trading, our inspiring portfolio company Lemonade became 2020’s best IPO debut after the mobile-based insurance startup’s stock soared from its offer price on the New York...

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In the News: Intel acquires Habana Labs, OurCrowd in New Zealand, & more

It’s been an active week for us as we begin the global expansion of our incubator business…..with our first international win, in New Zealand – hotbed of agtech/foodtech together with our partners Sprout, Finistere, Fonterra, and Gallagher…. In an exciting exit, Intel acquires Habana Labs for $2B. This news is obviously very positive for other companies in the AI accelerator chip business. Hailo, an OurCrowd portfolio company in which we are currently re-investing, is in this space with its edge devices which — according to Hailo — can now run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably than traditional solutions, while significantly lowering costs. Great news from the SEC, proposing to make private investments (like OurCrowd) more accessible to the broader community. Kudos to Chairman Clayton and team….Read more on TechCrunch. Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to Arbe on its $32 million raise which OurCrowd was happy to take part in: Arbe raises $32 million to bring its high-resolution radar to autonomous vehicles.  Huge news: Israel’s Zebra Medical Vision has teamed up with Johnson &...

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OurCrowd op-ed in WSJ: “An SEC Rule Change Opens a New Era for Crowdfunding”

The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed today written by OurCrowd CEO, Jon Medved. In the editorial, Jon talks about how recent U.S. regulatory changes to equity crowdfunding will open up new opportunities for investors and how these changes have positioned OurCrowd as a leader in its space. Startups and businesses have taken notice. They have begun to use similar online crowdfunding platforms—but to gather investments. And thanks in part to the SEC’s new rule, the equity crowdfunding market is poised for rapid growth over the next decade.   A new class of angel investors, affluent individuals who invest personal funds in companies, is another byproduct of the burgeoning crowdfunding movement. These angel investors are no longer just former startup founders. They’re a younger, broader class of Internet-savvy investors ready to evaluate and pick deals online. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here. A version of this article appeared October 10, 2013, on page A17 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: An SEC Rule Change Opens a New Era for Crowdfunding.   Making...

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[Webinar] Making Sense Of The JOBS Act: New Rules On General Solicitation

OurCrowd Bootcamp is series of in-depth webinars is intended to give investors new to startup investing — as well as seasoned angel investors — a look into best practices.   Yesterday, we held the 3rd installment of the OurCrowd Bootcamp series on understanding the SEC’s new rules on general solicitation. After 2 years of waiting, the JOBS Act will come into effect on September 23rd, essentially changing the way people invest in startups. In the webinar, OurCrowd’s Bootcamp team discussed these new changes and examined the nuances of the JOBS Act, to make sure that you, the investor, are fully prepared to take advantage of these upcoming changes. Additional topics covered in the webinar: What the JOBS Act is and how it will impact startup investing How knowledgeable investors can take advantage of upcoming changes How OurCrowd is adapting to capitalize on the changing investing landscape Be on the lookout for more webinars in our bootcamp series (for investors in Israeli startups). To stay updated on future events and the best news from the Startup Nation, sign up for our newsletter, email us, and follow...

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