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[Consumer Physics in CTech] Israeli ag-tech startup Consumer Physics unveils in-field corn moisture analysis technology

Ag-tech startup Consumer Physics has unveiled a corn moisture analysis technology that provides results in seconds, in the field directly on the cob, without shelling to enable farmers, agronomists, and seed producers to test larger areas, project the corn’s optimal harvest time, save costs, and ultimately ensure high-quality seed for the customer. Read...

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In the News: News from startups hard at work fighting COVID-19

We’re optimistic that the coronavirus vaccine being developed by MigVax can bring very, very good news to the world, as I told CBN. The company believes it can build off of the coronavirus vaccine they previously developed for poultry and adapt it for the human coronavirus. Hear more from me on the topic, on Israel’s Channel 13. Professor Ferid Murad of Stanford University won the 1998 Nobel Prize for discovering the role of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. He says the nitric oxide treatment for coronavirus by SaNOtize that proved 99% effective in killing coronavirus in lab tests at Utah State University and was approved for clinical trials by Health Canada “could be effective in treating infections, including COVID-19”. Read my thoughts here. Top Tech News Coronavirus and sports: OurCrowd portfolio company PlaySight is instrumental in bringing back tennis.  I told NoCamels, the crisis has accelerated digital tech trends at warp speed – Israeli VCs are cautiously optimistic about the future, despite pandemic.  “We’re getting closer than ever to COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, and it is all thanks to...

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