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[Consumer Physics in FreshFruitPortal.com] Driscoll’s adopts new technology to measure and reward berry sweetness

Fresh berry market leader Driscoll’s has announced a partnership with the Israel-based Consumer Physics to leverage its SCiO technology to innovate the quality measurement process. The Near Infrared (NIR) technology and breakthrough design offered through the Consumer Physics SCiO Cup will allow Driscoll’s to measure the Brix of its berries more effectively. Read...

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[Consumer Physics in Food And Farming Technology] Driscoll’s embraces SCiO Cup technology to measure berry sweetness

Israeli tech company Consumer Physics has a handy bit of kit that scans and analyses harvested crops in real-time to provide quality reports on the spot. Their patented SCiO Cup uses miniaturized Near Infrared Spectrometer technology to scan its contents before sending lab quality results through the cloud to a mobile phone in seconds. Read...

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[Consumer Physics in Times of Israel] Hand-held science helps farmers grow wiser

The food a dairy cow eats is key to its health, milk content and reducing waste. But for farmers, figuring out exactly how much to feed cattle has long been a guessing game full of constant adjustments and waste. Even slightly humid weather could add moisture to grain silos, reducing the number of calories per pound of animal feed. Until now, farmers could only be sure of factors like feed moisture content if they sent samples for lab tests, or conducted tests on site with bulky, expensive equipment – something often not worth the time or effort, especially for smaller farmers. Read...

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[Consumer Physics in Hoards Dairyman] New partnerships aim to improve animal feed processes and reduce costs across the US

Ag-tech company Consumer Physics is teaming up with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), Vita Plus and Feed Supervisor to market its SCiO Cup – an instant, portable, lab-grade forage dry matter analyzer. The partnerships with three of the leading dairy industry players in the U.S. are expected to enable the company to reach the 75,000 American farmers with approximately 9 million milk producing cows. Read...

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