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What We’re Investing In: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (April 2015)

Diversification is one of the most basic and important principals of investing.  This April, we launched a broad range of companies across a multitude of industries on OurCrowd’s platform. These span from cutting-edge brain technology to the world’s first meter-dosed medical cannabis inhaler. For more information on all of our currently funding companies, visit the site and click the “Browse Startups” tab. Below, read about five of the companies we’re investing in this April on OurCrowd; for an under-the-radar investment, log in on www.ourcrowd.com. Syqe Medical Syqe Medical is the world’s first meter-dosed, medical cannabis inhaler. Today, doctors have no way to measure the intake of prescription cannabis to patients, which directly impacts the affectivity of the prescription. Syqe is getting in at the ground floor of what is projected to be an $11B legal cannabis market in the US alone. Perry Davidson, founder and CEO of Syqe, has over 9 years of experience in controlled substance regulation and state implementation in Israel. Click here to learn more about Syqe ElMindA Over 2 billion people worldwide live with some form of...

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