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[Rewire in Global Banking & Finance Review] The Future of Finance

Fintech trends in 2022 are re-framing the way we do finance. These are not fleeting fads, or far-off future predictions – fintechs are fast transforming the financial sector, and the pace is quickening. Businesses that want a stake in future financial markets need to keep pace with these fintech developments, if they’re serious about securing continued growth. Read...

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[Rewire in Business Wire] Rewire Partners With Paysafe to Drive Financial Inclusion for Migrants Through Cash Management

VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rewire, a cross-border financial services platform tailored to the unique needs of migrant workers from developing countries in Asia and Africa, has partnered with leading specialised payments platform, Paysafe (NYSE: PSFE) to enable access to financial services for cash-reliant consumers across the UK and Europe. Read...

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