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[RealView Imaging in BioWorld] Realview nabs $10M series C for holographs in minimally invasive procedures

Virtual reality headsets offered a lot of hype around five years ago, but not much in results when it came to medical applications. Medical holograph company Realview Imaging Ltd. has raised a $10 million series C round to enable it to market its first product, Holoscope-i, which offers real-time, 3D holographic images based on any volumetric imaging data during minimally invasive procedures. Read...

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[RealView Imaging in PR Newswre] President of the state of Israel unveils groundbreaking holoscope technology at Toronto’s University Health Network

The journey to get the holographic system to PMCC began roughly five years ago, when cardiologists from Toronto General Hospital travelled to Israel to see it in its beta form. The company involved in its creation and production, RealView Imaging, worked with PMCC physicians Dr. Eric Horlick and Dr. Mark Osten, to bring the technology to Toronto. Read...

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