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[RealView Imaging in Israel Hayom] Israeli startup makes medical treatment using floating holograms a reality

A startup based in northern Israel has made that a reality. And it seems that investors are enthusiastic about the idea, too – last week, RealView Imaging raised $10 million in a Series C round of financing. RealView Imaging’s Holoscope-i system creates 3D volumetric holograms based on data from medical imaging, which float in free space, allowing physicians a unique form of access to the patient’s anatomy during invasive procedures. Read...

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[RealView Imaging in NoCamels] Israeli Medical Holography Firm Raises $10M for 3D in-air HologramS

Israeli medical firm RealView Imaging raised $10 million in a Series C financing round, the company announced last week. New investors included Israeli crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, tech and medical entrepreneurs Drs. Judith and Kobi Richter, as well as leading physicians. A majority of the company’s existing shareholders also participated in this round, including leading Israeli medical entrepreneur Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, who has founded over two dozen startups, Zohar Gilon and Uzia Galil. Read...

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[RealView Imaging in BioWorld] Realview nabs $10M series C for holographs in minimally invasive procedures

Virtual reality headsets offered a lot of hype around five years ago, but not much in results when it came to medical applications. Medical holograph company Realview Imaging Ltd. has raised a $10 million series C round to enable it to market its first product, Holoscope-i, which offers real-time, 3D holographic images based on any volumetric imaging data during minimally invasive procedures. Read...

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In the News: Who’s craving private investments?

Can you taste it? The talk this weekend was Beyond Meat’s IPO, debuting on the Nasdaq (BYND) last Thursday, exceeding expectations. In this Bloomberg interview, OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved explains that for us, it’s not just about another exit – it’s that individual investors got access to Beyond Meat before it went public by investing with OurCrowd.  Meanwhile, read on about another hot topic, BOL Pharma and Israel’s cannabis tech scene: BOL Pharma grows in a favorable climate that made Israel leader of $100B medical cannabis market. Two big sectors join to create new solutions: how self driving tractors and AI are changing agriculture, featuring Taranis in Forbes. Startup Nation and beyond Read this Israeli tech overview, including, “Israel has even invented a new type of venture capital, with a crowd-sourced venture fund named OurCrowd.” Israel’s High-Tech paradise: Built by the IDF, increasingly looking to Arab-Israeli talent. Hillel’s Tech Corner: Holograms saving lives; captures the essence of RealView Imaging’s amazing new tech. Israel announces its participation in World Expo 2020 in Dubai; the Foreign Ministry welcomes “the opportunity to… present Israeli innovations and trailblazing technology in.. water, medicine and information technology.” Top...

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