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[Ravin in ReadWrite] What Hidden Data Can Do for the Insurance Business

Like so many other industries, insurance is becoming increasingly data-driven. Data, of course, has always been an essential resource for decisions on claims, risk, and coverage. But in a data-driven scenario, the data becomes the main focus of that decision-making process, with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced analysis technologies mining and refining data, enabling companies to make more cost-effective, efficient, and objective decisions. Read...

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[Ravin in Information Age] AI increasing transparency in used car sales

Consumers have turned the used car market into one of the hottest ever, with prices and sales volumes hitting record highs as new vehicles remain in short supply. But these sales of pre-owned vehicles are still challenging and complex for both buyers and dealers. So now is the time for AI technology, widely deployed in other parts of the auto industry from manufacturing to marketing to autonomous driving features, to play a larger role in making used car sales more efficient and transparent — for both buyers and sellers. Read...

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[Ravin in Automotive News] Artificial intelligence in auto insurance will give more power to car owners

We are witnessing an exciting time in the automotive industry. As innovation is reaching new heights with connected and autonomous vehicles, the auto insurance industry is also experiencing its own evolution, using technology to enhance the way road accidents and damages are handled, saving people time and money and improving the often stressful experiences of handling the aftermath of accidents. Read...

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