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In the News: Lots of IPO talk, while Israel works to ‘scale up’

Everyone’s talking about how it’s raining IPOs – following Beyond Meat’s Nasdaq debut, Uber went public this past Friday; see interesting data here on today’s tech IPOs. Or watch my interview where I discuss how OurCrowd provides access to startups before they go public. Is Israel at 71 a scale-up nation? Read what I and other VCs have to say in this article. Startup Nation and beyond “There are more than 6,600 startups in Israel’s small and connected economy, 14 times the concentration of startups per capita in Europe.” Turning 71, Israel can look with pride at the tech firms it has generated. Featured in Forbes: How is fintech unicorn Lemonade disrupting the insurance business? See how the startup BioCatch prevents identity fraud by observing device interactions. Great coverage of Sweetch: Promising patients’ compliance and engagement with AI-based behavioral intelligence engine. Top tech news this week Healthcare…For Medical Cannabis Users, the Biggest Problem Is a Consistent Dose, Says Syqe Medical CEO and Israeli startup Insightec uses ultrasound waves to reduce Parkinson’s tremors. Cybersecurity…CyberX Selected as “Hot IoT Security Startup to Watch” Based on Named Enterprise Customers, Strength of Team, and Investors. News from the Industry  Honing Harvest: With...

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In the News: Who’s craving private investments?

Can you taste it? The talk this weekend was Beyond Meat’s IPO, debuting on the Nasdaq (BYND) last Thursday, exceeding expectations. In this Bloomberg interview, OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved explains that for us, it’s not just about another exit – it’s that individual investors got access to Beyond Meat before it went public by investing with OurCrowd.  Meanwhile, read on about another hot topic, BOL Pharma and Israel’s cannabis tech scene: BOL Pharma grows in a favorable climate that made Israel leader of $100B medical cannabis market. Two big sectors join to create new solutions: how self driving tractors and AI are changing agriculture, featuring Taranis in Forbes. Startup Nation and beyond Read this Israeli tech overview, including, “Israel has even invented a new type of venture capital, with a crowd-sourced venture fund named OurCrowd.” Israel’s High-Tech paradise: Built by the IDF, increasingly looking to Arab-Israeli talent. Hillel’s Tech Corner: Holograms saving lives; captures the essence of RealView Imaging’s amazing new tech. Israel announces its participation in World Expo 2020 in Dubai; the Foreign Ministry welcomes “the opportunity to… present Israeli innovations and trailblazing technology in.. water, medicine and information technology.” Top...

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In the News: Most successful Q1 for Israeli hi-tech in 6 years

A new IVC-ZAG report shows that Israeli high-tech raised $1.55B in the first quarter of 2019, “the most successful first quarter in the past six years.” Here’s an insider’s view on the most active Israeli venture investor, startup investing, and the value of network in 2019 in this thoughtful Forbes piece written about OurCrowd. Another OurCrowd exit: Vimeo acquires Magisto which we invested in this past August. Congrats to the Magisto team!  Startup Nation and beyond “Zebra’s work experience with radiologists in more than 50 hospitals worldwide highlights the role of AI as Augmented Intelligence…” Check out the full feature in Forbes: AI Startup Zebra Medical Vision Enlists Deep Learning To Save Lives. What if there was a “spell-checker” to prevent doctors from prescribing the wrong medicine? Read about how Dr. Gidi Stein founded MedAware, the startup catching prescription errors and already helping nearly 6 million in the United States and Israel. A game changing product to improve our health: Consumers get another digital home health offering as Tyto Care and Best Buy launch TytoHome. Top tech news this week Enterprise Software…Enterprise events management platform Bizzabo scores $27M Series D. Healthcare…‘Don’t...

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