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[PRESS RELEASE] Israel’s OurCrowd Launches Social Responsibility Initiative with Tmura

Jerusalem, Israel June 25, 2013:  OurCrowd, the leading equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors, announced today that as part of its commitment to social responsibility, it will require its Israeli portfolio companies to commit a portion of their equity to Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund. Tmura is a non-profit organization that enables early-stage companies to donate equity stocks and stock options, and the actual contribution will be realized when the company makes an “exit” or goes public. OurCrowd is the first funding platform in the world to require its companies to make this type of commitment as a condition to closing funding rounds. Read more...

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[PRESS RELEASE] Israel’s OurCrowd Appoints Evelyn Rubin and Danna Mann as Partners

Jerusalem, Israel June 4, 2013: Israel’s hybrid VC­-crowdfunding platform OurCrowd announced today that it has appointed Evelyn Rubin as Business Development Partner and Danna Mann as Business Strategies Partner. OurCrowd’s unique platform enables accredited investors throughout the world to invest in promising early stage companies from Israel and abroad. Read more...

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[PRESS RELEASE] Israel’s OurCrowd Takes Lead in Equity Crowdfunding

Jerusalem, Israel May 22, 2013: Israel’s hybrid VC-crowdfunding platform OurCrowd announced today that it closed financing for Jeff Pulver’s latest startup, Zula, pushing its total raised for early stage companies above $12 million. This $12 million is in addition to the $5.5 million in funding OurCrowd raised for its own platform in February this year. Zula is OurCrowd’s 18th completed funding round. Read more...

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