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Startups Taking on the Coronavirus Pandemic

The reality of the corona crisis for startup companies – and really any business – is that they need to stay as relevant as possible in this new, uncharted environment. Many of the long term trends that were evident before the crisis such as distance learning, working from home, or e-commerce, are now reaching an inflection point. These trends have been accelerated beyond belief in the last few weeks and a snap back to the prior status quo seems unlikely once this crisis is over. It is doubtful that brick and mortar stores will regain much of the market share they’ve lost to online e-commerce before the crisis began. There are going to be long term systematic changes as a result of the change in behavior,  from telehealth and medtech to vaccines and early warning, OurCrowd portfolio companies are helping combat the corona crisis and are already gearing up to fight the next pandemic. Technologies for fighting pandemics are not just trendy hype.   The reality is, pandemics are here to stay, and the global community needs to be ready for...

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The portfolio approach to investing in startups

Should startup investors bet heavily on one sexy startup? Or, should you keep your investments in startups relatively small and spread them out over multiple early stage companies? This question of how many startups an investor should invest in is one of the most frequently asked questions in the startup investing world. For people who invest in venture capital funds, it’s not really a question they need to address. They assign a representative — a venture capital fund — to make investment decisions on their behalf. But with the rise in popularity of angel investing and crowdfunding, investors are becoming more active in the startup investment process. The issue of the right number of startup investments an investor should make becomes a more integral part of the investment process. 2 approaches to investing in startups Concentrated, large bets: This approach is all about zeroing in a single or small number of investments with a relatively large bet on their success. It’s like a sniper who is down to just a couple of bullets in his investment gun. When he pulls...

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