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[Zoomcar in Business Standard] Zooming beyond cars

When ZoomCar launched a ‘rent-an-auto’ service many thought it was an April Fool gimmick. But, the start-up meant business. In the self-drive car business for three years, the company went in for the long haul. It had branded the venture Zoom Auto and piloted it for a week. Customers were allowed to book an auto after a security deposit of Rs 5,000 and drive for 20 minutes within a radius of one kilometre. This is preceded by a 10-minute training by fleet executives. Read more in Business...

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[Freightos in The Load Star] Freight forwarders see their future growth and profitability in value-added services

As capacity-buying and freight consolidation becomes less profitable, forwarders are predicting future growth will come from extending value to customers. Just 44% of respondents in the Freightos Future of Freight survey of logistics companies expect ocean freight to be profitable, rising to 54% for air freight and 59% for trucking. Read more in The Load...

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[Apploi in MediaPost] Job Seekers Use Social Profiles To Apply

While there’s been plenty of talk about the potential pitfalls social media presents for job applicants – best distilled in the advice, “no bong pics” – social media has also proved a boon for job seekers, and not just in terms of forging professional connections on LinkedIn. In fact, social media can take a lot of the tedious work out of applying for jobs, allowing jobseekers to apply for more positions with less effort. On that note, last year 3.3 million job applications were completed using social media profiles to pre-populate online submission forms, according to data from iCIMS, a software-as-service provider focused on talent acquisition, which surveyed data from over 3,200 customers with Hanover Research. Jobseekers used social media profiles including LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook to complete job applications using pre-population functions. Breaking the figures down, 61% used LinkedIn to pre-populate forms, while 22% used Google+ and 17% used Facebook. Read more in...

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[Sweetch in Geektime] Jerusalem startup Sweetch nets $3.5M investment for diabetes prediction technology

With tech giant Philips and hybrid venture capitalist group OurCrowd leading the way, another Jerusalem health startup is celebrating a multimillion dollar Series A right now. Sweetch announced on Thursday that it had raised $3.5 million for its diabetes prediction platform. The round also included Pontifax LP and Lionbird LP. Sweetch touts a “behavioral analytics engine” that takes user habits and spits back a list of personal recommendations to maintain health. The company claims it can beat the burnout rate for other health-monitoring apps — Sweetch says users tend to drop after six months — by incorporating gamification strategies into their app’s use. Read more in...

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