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Risk and Reward: The truth about diversification

It is a common misconception that investing in startups is for the uber-wealthy, venture capital and angel investing insiders; being exclusive and risky — an alternative asset class where losing is part of the strategy. Venture capitalists leaders highlight how often you lose before you win. Thought leader Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures says, “Investing in startups is risky. If you make just one investment, you are likely going to lose everything. If you make two, you are still likely to lose money. If you make five, you might get all your money back across all five investments. If you make ten, you might start making money on the aggregate set of investments.” How Much to Invest That being said, no one will advise you to put a large percentage of your savings into early stage companies. However, if you allocate 5% of your overall portfolio into startup investments you can increase returns and reduce risk. According to a SharesPost whitepaper, if you allocate 5% of your investments to private growth companies, you can increase the returns of a traditional portfolio by...

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LIVE BLOG: OurCrowd’s 2016 Global Investor Summit

After months of planning, we’re excited to finally kick off OurCrowd’s 2016 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem. Over 3,000 attendees from around the world are weathering the storm and streaming into Binyanei Hauma for what is going to be an incredible event! We will be updating this blog live throughout the day — come back to see new features, highlights, and updates here! ———– Welcome to Jerusalem! Doors opened at 8AM with breakfast; the Summit kick-off will begin promptly at 9AM. Don’t miss the opening, including a look at the future car with Honda Silicon Valley Lab. Register on arrival: When you arrive, first visit the registration booths to collect your name tag, agenda, notebook and other materials. Download the event app: Click here to download the official Summit app and view the updated agenda, a who’s who of attendees, and more goodies throughout the day. OurCrowd’s staff are waiting at the Information Desk for the Summit attendees, if you need help getting around or want to accredit — this is the place to go! For the full Summit agenda, please...

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What We’re Investing In: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (December 2015)

Happy holidays and welcome to December’s edition of What We’re Investing In. By the end of 2015, there will be over 85 companies in the OurCrowd portfolio. In one month from today, we’ll kick off our 2nd annual Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem to discuss future investment and tech trends while reviewing the incredible  innovation we’ve seen in the last year. Register here; we hope to see you! Here is a summary of all of the currently funding companies on the OurCrowd platform. Smart Agricultural Irrigation The Internet of Things is one of the most popular startup trends whose simple goal is to connect ordinary “things” to the internet. This company takes the mostly un-technological process of farm irrigation and streamlines it through an intuitive mobile application. The app instructs farmers to deploy sensors throughout their field, which then continuously analyze the surrounding soil and its specific needs. The information collected is transmitted to the farming equipment, automatically populating it with the optimal inputs. Aside from the farmer’s valuable time, this technology can save up to 25% of the extra water typically...

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Introducing the new OurCrowd website for desktop, tablet, & mobile

The team at OurCrowd is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned cross-platform website. Can’t wait to see it? Take a peek! Immediately you will notice the new website offers a rich and powerful experience, featuring countless enhancements and tweaks for a better user experience. It is bolder, faster, and easier to navigate, from anywhere you are, whether on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. As a leading equity crowdfunding platform, it’s always important for us to make information regarding investments, services, and trends as easily accessible as possible for our current and prospective investors, entrepreneurs, and partners. Our dedicated product team made it a point to provide our investors with an improved layout and website structure to ensure simple navigation and instant access to all the information they need. Live now at www.ourcrowd.com, find the new-and-improved: Home Page: OurCrowd’s new homepage makes an introduction, with a brief run-through of our portfolio, team, case studies, ways to invest, and educational resources. Deal Pages: For the first time, members will have access to all the information on investment opportunities — current and funded — presented in a...

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What We’re Investing In: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (November 2015)

Welcome to the November edition of What We’re Investing In. For all the first time readers, every month we compose a summary of all the currently funding investment opportunities on the OurCrowd platform. This month, we’ll take a look at four companies ranging from a fast growing car rental business to a “free-dimensional” video technology company. To find out more details about these companies, join and accredit at www.ourcrowd.com. Hyperlocal, on-demand car rentals in India The sharing economy is one of the fastest growing segments in the tech world today. Pair that with the unprecedented growth of recent Internet penetration in India (350M people online and growing), and you’re looking at a market ripe with opportunity. This particular company is capitalizing specifically on an opportunity in the private transportation market in India. The majority of the Indian population that can’t afford to buy their own cars currently rely on chauffeured ride-sharing applications like Uber or Ola Cabs. This company allows its customers to rent cars through an intuitive mobile app, pick up the car at one of hundreds of local...

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