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[Polarisqb in Inside Quantum Technology] Allosteric, Polarisqb join to use quantum ai to address aging longevity

Polaris Quantum Biotech (Polarisqb), a company we last saw working on drug discovery for cancer therapies, has gained another new partner–and investor–in the form of Allosteric Bioscience, a company that is exploring the integration quantum computing and artificial intelligence with various biomedical sciences to create improved treatments for aging, longevity and aging-related diseases. Read...

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[Polarisqb in Watauga Democrat] POLARISqb, Developers of First Quantum Drug Discovery Platform, Announces Seed Investment of $2.1 Million

DURHAM, N.C., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — POLARISqb, the Durham based developer of the world’s first drug discovery software built for quantum computers, announces that it has received the first round of their seed raise, totalling over two million dollars. This funding will allow Polaris to grow their team, scale the platform and develop assets faster. Read...

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