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[Polarisqb in EIN Presswire] POLARISqb and Auransa announce promising results for triple negative breast cancer using quantum computing and AI

PALO ALTO, CA, DURHAM, NC, USA, August 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Auransa, Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) company developing precision medicines in areas of unmet medical needs, and Polaris Quantum Biotech (Polarisqb), a quantum computing-based drug design company, announced exciting progress in a joint project to tackle triple-negative breast cancer. Read...

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[Polarisqb in Inside Quantum Technology] Allosteric, Polarisqb join to use quantum ai to address aging longevity

Polaris Quantum Biotech (Polarisqb), a company we last saw working on drug discovery for cancer therapies, has gained another new partner–and investor–in the form of Allosteric Bioscience, a company that is exploring the integration quantum computing and artificial intelligence with various biomedical sciences to create improved treatments for aging, longevity and aging-related diseases. Read...

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