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[Plastiq in Beta Boston] Plastiq will move to San Francisco after raising $10 million

Boston-based Plastiq, which allows users to pay for nearly anything (including taxes, tuition, and bill) with credit cards, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $10 million in Series B funding in a round led by Khosla Ventures. Previous investors Atlas Ventures and Flybridge Capital Partners also joined the latest round of funding, which brings the total amount that Plastiq has raised to $20.3 million. Read more on Beta...

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[Plastiq in Venture Beat] Ditch your checkbook: Plastiq nabs $10M so that you can pay for anything with a credit card

Payments startup Plastiq closed new $10 million round of funding today to enable people to pay with their credit cards anywhere. The startup’s service essentially replaces things that require paper checks, wire transfers, money orders, or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments with credit cards. For a small fee (between 1.89 percent and 2.89 percent of the transaction in Canada), people can use their card instead. Some banks, such as Bank of America, already offer services that mail paper checks to landlords and other merchants, but Plastiq is taking a more universal approach. Read more on Venture...

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