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[Pixie in VentureBeat] Pixie Technology uses fobs and augmented reality to locate your lost wallet

Pixie Technology has a way to find your lost wallet or misplaced keys. It uses a combination of tracking chips, which the company dubbed the “location of things,” along with augmented reality technology. Los Altos, Calif.-based Pixie sells Bluetooth LE-connected fobs that create a connection with each other. When you are holding a fob, such as the one attached to your smartphone, it establishes a connection to the nearby fob. And then it uses the location information to guide you to the other fob. Read more on VentureBeat...

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[Pixie in Engadget] Use this app to find your keys like you find your Pokémon

We’ve seen Bluetooth item trackers before, like Tile and Protag’s Duet, but they’re usually pretty dull. Pixie, on the other hand, will curb the anxiety of losing something by turning it into a game. Like other trackers, Pixie uses Bluetooth, but it also adds augmented reality into the mix, so your phone will actually show you where the general area where your device is. Once you get in real close, it’ll start pointing you left and right like a good old-fashioned game of hot and cold. You could also use it to cheat at hide and seek with your kids. Read more on Engadget...

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[Pixie in VentureBeat] Pixie raises $18.5M to help find your lost stuff through mesh networking and augmented reality

Pixie Technology (“Pixie”), a startup that sells Bluetooth LE-connected fobs to help you locate pretty much any item you fear losing, has raised $18.5 million in a series B round led by Spark Capital, with participation from Cedar Fund, OurCrowd, and a slew of private investors. Founded out of Los Altos, California, in 2011, Pixie is one of a number of startups operating in the object-tracking “location of things” realm. A pack of four “Pixie Points” costs $70, and each one can be placed on an object (phone, wallet, keys, cat, etc) to be found later through the accompanying mobile app (iOS only). Read more on VentureBeat...

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[Pixie in the Times of Israel] The Most Successful Israeli Startups

Israel has become a very popular place for entrepreneurs to launch their startups, Tel Aviv in particular has become home for many tech based and other startups. This is because brilliant businessmen and women who have graduated from Israeli universities had dreams of making it big, even outside their country. If someone will look into the number and variety of Israeli startups that have found global success, it becomes clear that those bright entrepreneurs fully achieved their goals. Here are some of the most successful Israeli startups that have been launched in the past couple of years. Read more in the Times of...

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[Pixie in Inc.] The top 30 Internet of Things experts

I caught a Verge interview with Robert Scoble a few years ago predicting that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be an important development to watch. And I say, oh, he just got lucky. Then I see Gerd Leonhard, say that data was the new oil and that IoT will exploit those reserves in a massive “data rush”. Then I say, really Mr. Leonhard? I’ll see your data rush and raise you 15 billion data hungry IoT devices: Cisco’s IoT Connections Counter. Both of those insights, if you check the dates, were over 5 years ago. And it’s worth noting that IoT search volume at the time was just a trickle. Read more in...

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