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In the News: OurCrowd companies seek 100’s of new employees

Despite Israel’s unprecedented unemployment situation, high-tech companies are still recruiting. As Israel carefully re-opens for business, startups have a huge role to play in getting our nation back to work. OurTalent, OurCrowd’s jobs portal, currently lists hundreds of vacant positions from within its portfolio companies, with fresh opportunities added each week. Check out OurTalent. It’s hard to believe that just 3.5 months ago we hosted the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem; now, we’re checking in with Jason Greenblatt, former Assistant to the President of the United States, and Special Representative for International Negotiations, and newly-joined OurCrowd partner. In February, he spoke about building bridges between Israel and the Arab Middle East through startup technology; last week Jason sat down with one of Israel’s leading tech bloggers, Hillel Fuld, to discuss how he is getting involved in the VC landscape to achieve the same ends. Watch now. Join us this Wednesday, May 27th for our next webinar – The Post-COVID Corporation: How Pandemic-Driven Innovation Will Change Everything at 9:30AM Los Angeles, 12:30PM New York, 7:30PM Tel Aviv. OurCrowd partners and analysts...

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Taking a Bite Out of Unemployment, OurCrowd Portfolio Companies Need 350 Employees

Even as the coronavirus pandemic rages, startups are offering hundreds of new jobs. The number of vacant positions at OurCrowd’s portfolio companies has risen to 350, with 90 new job vacancies added since the start of April, 41 of them in Israel. Despite Israel’s unprecedented unemployment situation, high-tech companies are still recruiting. Now that Israel has gone back to work on the downside of the virus curve, entrepreneurs and startups have a huge role to play in getting our nation back to work. OurTalent, OurCrowd’s jobs portal, currently lists 350 vacant positions from within its portfolio companies, with fresh opportunities added each week. The top recruiting companies include SixGill, BioCatch, and Locusview. OurCrowd portfolio companies offer work in Israel and around the world. There are vacancies listed in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other Israeli locations, but also positions across the globe including New York, Toronto, California, Brazil and Barcelona. Positions advertised on OurTalent are continuously updated as a service to our companies. Applicants are invited to contact the companies directly. While global tech giants like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are...

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OurCrowd Sponsors New MedTech MBA at Hebrew University

By strengthening our ties to MedTech in Israel, the team at OurCrowd is continuing our commitment to education and innovation. As a leading investor in medical technology, based in the heart of Israel, famous for its role in medical developments, our investment team and medical advisory board have worked diligently to recognize the potential of Israeli startups. In identifying impressive technologies, like ReWalk Robotics (NASDAQ) and big data analyst Zebra Medical Vision, OurCrowd is focused on bringing MedTech startups the capital and global growth network they need. Once invested, we’re focused on supporting portfolio companies by providing human capital: talent. As such, the team at OurCrowd is pleased to announce our partnership with Hebrew University, Israel’s leading academic institution, consistently ranked in the world’s top 100 Universities. OurCrowd is sponsoring a new MBA program for biomedical management. The program is the first of its kind in Israel, following academic institutions like Berkley and Johns Hopkins. Its graduates will lead the sector, having been well prepared to tackle its unique challenges from a management perspective. OurCrowd’s Venture Partner Dr. Morris...

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We’re Hiring! Career opportunities at OurCrowd (December 2016)

This month we’ve added new open positions for our expanding team. Do you know someone who is driven, talented and ready to help bring OurCrowd to the next level? Please feel free to share the posts below. OurCrowd offers competitive benefits and salary with opportunities to grow in a fast-paced work environment. Click to read more about each position listed below: Crowdbuilding Application Team Leader; Herzliya Senior Full-Stack SW Developer; Herzliya QA Engineer; Herzliya Business Development Admin; Herzliya Investor Relations Executive Assistant; Jerusalem Join us and become a part of our unparalleled team! Please send your CV to: career@ourcrowd.com To join the OurCrowd community and stay up to date with all of our current activities, sign up at www.ourcrowd.com. Subscribe for weekly updates about the Startup Nation to your...

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Looking for an innovative job? 42 #OCportfolio companies hiring in November 2016

As OurCrowd’s investments continuously grow both in size and quantity, our existing portfolio companies are rapidly expanding too. To date, OurCrowd has invested $300M in over 100 portfolio companies, many of which won international awards and are widely acclaimed for their innovative products and amazing all-star teams. So, if you’re hoping to get your foot in the high-tech industry door, dreaming about being part of the exciting startup ecosystem, or know someone looking for a job in the hottest markets, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the listings below to see how you might have the chance to work for some of our awesome portfolio companies and become part of the growing OurCrowd family: Wave Wave is always interested in talking to smart, creative, energetic people who can help them help small businesses — view their current job opportunities. Account Manager; Toronto, Canada. Customer Support Hero; Toronto, Canada. Data Insights Developer; Toronto, Canada. Director, Software Engineering; Toronto, Canada. Finance Analyst; Toronto, Canada. Growth Marketing Manager; Toronto, Canada. Infrastructure Engineer; Toronto, Canada. Mobile Engineer; Toronto, Canada. Payroll Product...

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