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Download: OurNetwork’s Quarterly Innovation Report

OurNetwork’s Strategic Collaboration Program has released its first Quarterly Innovation report, which brings its readers the latest information on the edge of the startup ecosystem. The OurNetwork program is designed to foster collaboration between startups and corporations and to develop mutually beneficial relationships. This report includes: a corporate innovation map highlighting how corporations are innovating an in-depth view on Ethereum and blockchain technology  investment trends discussion of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. Download it here. Join OurNetwork’s Strategic Collaboration Program to gain access to cutting-edge global innovation here....

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Introducing OurNetwork

The foundations on how companies gain traction and work towards success are being upended. Rather than slowly moving forward in the eventual hope of gaining enough traction to connect to the right players in the field, OurCrowd is working to push both multi-national companies and innovative startups into strategic working relationships from the get go, leveling the playing field and mutually benefiting both. Leveraging OurCrowd’s connection has always been the backbone of supporting portfolio companies, and the time has come to formalize it. We are pleased to be launching OurNetwork, a platform to strengthen and build strategic partnerships between MNCs and the startup ecosystem. OurNetwork is already beginning to bear fruit, providing much needed direct access to technological breakthroughs and established companies. For example, New Zealand utility giant Vector was looking to access cutting edge breakthroughs around utilities. Through OurCrowd, they met portfolio company Mprest, a leading player in IIoT, resulting in a 2017 agreement to bring the “internet of energy” to over a million of Vector’s customers. Establishing a line of communication between the OurCrowd portfolio leader and...

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Experience the 2017 Summit through your fingertips – with the OurCrowd App

We’re pleased to announce a brand new add-on for the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit: Experience the event with the OurCrowd App! With the OurCrowd App: Participate in hands-on startup growth on OurNetwork Receive push notifications with Summit announcements Follow the Summit feed for extra content Stay on top of your schedule with full agenda view Relive the Summit with photos, video and more after the event Participate in hands-on startup growth Test your ‘Rolodex’ on OurNetwork in the OurCrowd App and play the role of business development partner by matching startups with strategic connections. Throughout the Summit halls, engage with sector-themed LED screens displaying startups’ strategic requests and fulfill them on the app. Download now   By the way, don’t forget to share your Summit highlights with...

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The VC Value-Add Model at Scale

Building the ecosystem. Leveraging the network. Helping our portfolio companies succeed. Every startup wants to work with investors that will help solve problems and spring their business forward. Every venture capital firm boasts their “entrepreneur friendly” initiatives that sets them a part from the others. “We do X better than other VCs.” “We match our founders with experts to advise them with Y.” “We offer to our companies Z to help them raise follow-on funding.” In a growing industry of more than 798 venture capital firms in the U.S. alone, as important as receiving capital is who you get it from. A few brand name venture capital firms embody legendary value-add that offer the edge to outperform others. Andreessen Horowitz, the forefather of value-add venture investing, has built an operating model around giving founders the ability run their companies as if they are serial entrepreneurs who have previously built successful startups. Kleiner Perkins opened a fellowship program to find talented individuals to work with their portfolio companies. First Round Capital has a team that helps their founders fast forward through...

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