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Investing in a Healthy Humanity: Introducing Israel’s first digital health fund, OurCrowd Qure

Pop quiz: What’s the most important medical device you’ll use in the coming years? If you said mobile phone — you’re in good shape. Emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, internet of things, and mobile apps, are connecting the digital and physical worlds and changing the behaviors of both physicians and patients. In other words, digital health is revolutionizing our approach to medicine, refining healthcare, and improving our well being. Digital health solutions are becoming necessary now more than ever as the global population ages and healthcare demands accelerate, all while supplies and services cannot keep pace. Accelerating the “Qure” OurCrowd is excited to announce the launch of Israel’s first exclusively-focused digital health fund — OurCrowd Qure. The fund is raising $30-$50M to invest in Seed and Series A rounds in innovative digital health startups from areas like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Genomics, and Mobile Patient-Centric Solutions. Ultimately, companies that offer solutions to improve quality while simultaneously lowering costs through empowered patients, medical teams, and payers. Digital health is one of the fastest growing sectors in terms of funding and M&A activity. Exclusively focusing in digital health...

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[OurCrowd Qure in TechCrunch] Equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd launches an early stage digital health fund

Israel-based equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd is launching a sector specific fund fully focused on digital health — touting it as Israel’s first fund with such a focus. The fund, called OurCrowd Qure, will invest in early stage startups at the seed and Series A level. Fundraising is starting now, with a target of $50 million for the first raise. Managing partner Dr Yossi Bahagon tells TechCrunch the team expects to make about 15 investments with the first fund. He says typical investments will start at $500,000 for the earliest stage startups, rising to up to about $3 million at the Series A level. Read more on TechCrunch...

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[OurCrowd Qure in Globes] Israel’s OurCrowd launches $50M digital health fund

Israeli angel investors crowdsouircing club OurCrowd today announced the establishment of OurCrowd Qure, a $50 million venture capital fund for digital health investments. OurCrowd, led by Jon Medved, will invest $5-10 million of its money (the company recently raised $70 million for its regular activity, including investments like this one). The rest of the money will come from the company’s investors club, composed of wealthy individuals from the US, Israel, and other countries. The fund is also raising money from non-member investors, and has secured a $10 million investment in recent weeks from parties in technology and health in Australia and Hong Kong. Read more on Globes...

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