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[Labs/02 in Israel Hayom] Microsoft picks Israeli AI-based learning startup Magnilearn for education initiative

After concluding deals with public and private school networks in Israel, Korea and Japan, EdTech startup MagniLearn, founded by artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been selected by Microsoft Israel in its AI for Good Acceleration Program as the most promising startup innovation in the field EdTech, the company announced Monday. Read more...

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[Labs/02 in The Drive] Viziblezone Wants Cars to Spot Pedestrians By Tracking Their Smartphones

Fortunately, some of the best minds are working on it. And one of the most intriguing projects I’ve come across yet is Viziblezone. The Israeli startup is taking an innovative approach to the challenge of pedestrian detection, a crucial piece to the autonomous-vehicle puzzle that will need to be solved if self-driving cars are to become a reality and share roadways with human beings. Read more...

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