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Top 10 Tech Impact Trends presented at #OCSummit19

A much anticipated event at the annual OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is the presentation of what we predict will be 10 tech trends throughout the year ahead, reflecting the views of our investment team as well as input from our global network. In light of this year’s Summit theme, Global Impact, Stav Erez and Eli Nir presented 10 tech impact trends which we believe will change the world for the better in 2019. Before we jump into this year’s trends, have a look at the video below in which we address the outcome of the trends presented at our 2018 Summit: *Find the video of the full presentation at the bottom of this post. Let’s dive in! This year’s trends are: 1. Education Gets Smarter Schools have existed since before 2000 BC. Looking at classrooms today, it almost seems that the technological revolution has skipped the education system. However, we believe this revolution is inevitable due to the increase in connected devices and technologies such as computer vision, AI and more. According to PR Newswire, the EdTech market is estimated to...

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News Blog: OurCrowd @ CES

Startups from OurCrowd’s portfolio made waves at CES 2019! Our representing companies made us proud at CES, displaying their incredible technology, receiving awards and forging promising partnerships! Take a look at the news roundup below: Israeli tech showcased at CES: Crowdfunding Standout OurCrowd to Highlight 14 Portfolio Companies at CES: See Before You Invest featuring C2A Security, Centaur, Edgybees, Engie, TechSee, VayaVision, Arbe Robotics, Brodmann17, Hailo, Innoviz, Intuition Robotics, Maniv, and uBeam The Groundbreaking Israeli Tech Turning Heads at CES 2019 featuring Arbe Robotics, Brodmann17, Edgybees, TechSee, Engie, C2A Security, VayaVision, and Innoviz CES 2019 to showcase best of Israeli innovation featuring Innoviz, Cognitiv Ventures, Brodmann17, C2A Security, Edgybees, and VayaVision. From flying cars to robots that fold laundry, the Israeli techs causing a stir at CES featuring Innoviz, VayaVision, Brodmann17, Phantom Auto, Engie, C2A Security, Argus Cyber Security, Edgybees, TechSee, Centaur Analytics, and Intuition Robotics. Intuition Robotics: Intuition Robotics Opens ElliQ for Pre-Order; Launches New Digital Companion Product and Announces its First Automotive Customer Intuition Robotics Receives Design Win from Toyota Research Institute for its Cognitive AI Platform to Collaborate on an...

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Will you recognize your car after these 8 technologies get added? #CES2019

Israeli startups lead the world in revolutionary, lifesaving technology. From facilitating medical miracles to re-envisioning natural disaster response, the start-up nation is making major changes. Now, Israeli startups are tackling the different safety concerns a self-driving car might bring up from a different perspective, providing the consumer with comfort and assurance when they stop getting behind the wheel. The future of car safety is here. At CES 2019, check out the Israeli companies that will ensure a safe, smooth, autonomous ride. Innoviz Imagine autonomous vehicles as being equipped with eyes and ears on the road. There are no eyes in an autonomous vehicle without LiDAR. Israeli start-up Innoviz produces a smart LiDAR system, which sends out pulsed laser beams to measure and monitor a car’s surroundings. This laser technology is extremely accurate in its sensor capabilities, monitoring the environment clearly with the ability to focus on a narrow region while simultaneously processing the restof the environment at full frame rate. It’s the closest your car can come to having 20/20 vision. Better yet, to counteract the higher costs that...

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From Everyday Grocery Trips to Natural Disaster Response, OurCrowd’s Startups at #CES2019 are Making an Impact

It’s January in Las Vegas, which means top innovators are showcasing their technologies at CES 2019. Not all consumers may grasp how the innovations presented at CES will, in the near future, impact their day-to-day. From grocery store trips, to customer support ordeals, to natural disaster response, startups are already making an impact in your daily life – and we’ll see a lot more of that impact in 2019. Are you at CES? Meet these companies in person at OurCrowd’s Startup Pavilion at Booth 301 in Westgate Paradise Center. Contact us to request a meeting.  A home life where Wi-Fi never wavers, and dinner is divine You collapse through the front door after picking your kids up from school, with 20 minutes to get to the supermarket before the lines become unbearable. Suddenly, you remember you have to send an urgent work email, but you open your laptop to see your Wi-Fi is down. It’s never a good time for a thirty-minute, unpleasant customer service call – and it’s definitely the wrong moment now. Hungry kids or impatient boss?...

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Managing Israel’s Cybersecurity: The Triple Mission of the Israeli National Cyber Directorate

This is a guest post by Joel Tsafrir featuring an interview with Yigal Unna, Director General the Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD). As early as 2002, before the cyber hype began, the Israeli government already defined the issue of information security as an essential domain for the country and placed the Israeli Security Agency (“Shin Bet”) in charge of protecting the information at the national level. Since this decision took place, no damage accrued to Israel’s critical infrastructures, even though these facilities are the target of daily cyber-attacks, and although the rate of attempts to attack them is constantly increasing at a rate of 25% per year. Today, the overall cyber responsibility lies with Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD), which integrates together two government agencies used to operated separately in the areas of cyber protection and the construction of technological power. We sat down with INCD’s Director General Yigal Unna to learn more about the ‘triple mission’ of the organization. Coordinate the national effort “The INCD, which operates directly under the Prime Minister, is a security-operative, non-secretive body that...

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