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[Oriient in NoCamels] Israeli startup provides indoor GPS for supermarkets, stores and smart buildings

Have you ever left a store because finding the right product had become too time-consuming? You’re not alone. Seventy-five percent of millennial shoppers have reported leaving without purchasing an item and instead chose to buy that item online, according to the 12th annual Global Shopper Survey from American mobile computing company Zebra Technologies. Fifty-three percent of Gen X shoppers reported doing the same. Read more...

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[Oriient in TechCrunch] Oriient raises $11M Series A for its indoor positioning service

Indoor navigation was something we heard about a lot after the launch of the iPhone and during that first wave of location-based apps. But the technology has quietly evolved over the last few years and may now be more important than ever. Oriient, which powers the platform that Instacart shoppers use to gather their orders in hundreds of stores in North America, this week announced that it has raised an $11 million Series A round, which brings its total funding to $16 million. Read more...

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[Oriient in PR Newswire] Oriient secures $11 million Series A funding to bring the user experience and data-driven insights of the digital world to brick and mortar buildings

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oriient (http://www.oriient.me), the company behind the world’s most advanced indoor positioning solution, announced an $11 million Series A funding round today, bringing the total investment in the company to $16 million. OurCrowd, a global venture capital equity platform with over $1 billion of assets under management (previous investments include Lemonade and Beyond Meat), participated in this round, as well as Regal Four (a Beren family venture entity), F2 Venture Capital, NGN Partners, and Future Energy Ventures. The funding will help scale implementation of Oriient to tens of thousands of locations, open new verticals, and drive global sales. Read more...

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[Oriient in PR Newswire] Oriient announces new partnership with Google Cloud to bring cutting-edge micro-location services to stores

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Oriient, the software-only indoor location service, is partnering with Google Cloud, to create a joint offering for in-store navigation and proximity marketing. Oriient will live within Google Cloud’s integrated package solution, and will be available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Read more...

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