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In the News: Israeli tech made up 9% of TIME’s 2019 Best Inventions

TIME Magazine gets it: Israeli companies made up 9% of their top 100 leading inventions for 2019; but who’s surprised? Startup Nation’s tech ecosystem makes up for the lack of Israel’s population size with our abundance of brain power, entrepreneurial zeal and hutzpah. Plus, three of the selections are companies we proudly count in OurCrowd’s portfolio… Congrats to Lemonade, TytoCare and Intuition Robotics! Exciting news for Alpha Tau: Following its clinical trial, the company announced the publication of exceptional data from Alpha DaRT, its novel alpha radiotherapy for solid tumors, which achieved a 78.6% complete response rate in management of challenging squamous cell carcinoma tumors. New clinical trials are planned for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and vulva cancer. Startup Nation and beyond This groundbreaking OurCrowd-backed company is paving the way to save more lives…Zebra Medical gets FDA nod for device that detects water in lungs. One of our newest mobility investments, Cartica, was just described as a ‘leap forward’ for autonomous vehicles. Herman Trend Alert noted that Cartica represents the “next generation of AI mobility solutions” whose “goal...

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In the News: The time that a startup made us cry

Occasionally one of your companies does something that makes you proud – this time it made me cry. Please watch this beautiful video from the Today Show about how Surgical Theater assisted in removing a brain tumor from 2-year-old Ari Ellman – saving his life. For a front row seat to see our startups going beyond, apply to join thousands of startups, corporates, investors, VCs, and more at the largest tech conference in Israel: 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit on February 13th. Startup Nation and beyond Congrats to MeMed, awarded €2.5M from the European Innovation Council, which supports small- and medium-sized companies with breakthrough innovations. Superpedestrian announces its $20M funding round, which OurCrowd was glad to participate in. Have a look at two sectors in which Israeli startups excel on a global level, and offer exciting opportunities for the private sector in India: Ad-tech and media-tech. Toyota’s AI Bets Go Beyond Automotive – for example, Intuition Robotics is focused on developing artificial intelligence solutions that act as a companion for the elderly. Top tech news this week Enterprise Hardware…Celeno...

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Save the Date for 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit!

February 13, 2020 in Jerusalem The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit will again host the startup world in Jerusalem, as it gathers for a week of incredible events.  The Summit is the fastest-growing tech conference in the world and will be the largest business event in Israel’s history. Last year over 18,000 people from 189 countries registered to attend, as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives, investors and others came to the Innovation Nation to meet, learn, do business – and discover the most historic city in the most exciting country in the world.  As Forbes reported, Summit Week in Israel was “the place to be.” Click here for 2019 Summit highlights The Summit provides unprecedented insight into the world of startup venture capital, with exclusive exposure to cutting-edge technologies, the entrepreneurs behind them, and the corporate leaders deploying them.  From its unique position within the global startup ecosystem and as Israel’s most active venture investor, OurCrowd brings together in one place and at one time the players who will set the themes and trends for the coming year. Summit Day...

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In the News: Big news from 3 brilliant startups

Congrats to Hailo on the launch of Hailo-8, their deep learning processor for edge devices. MultiVu raised a $7M seed round for its next-gen 3D sensor, led by OurCrowd, Cardumen Capital and Hong Kong-based Junson Capital. In other big news, Zebra Medical Vision received FDA approval for the world’s first AI chest X-ray triage product.  Startup Nation and beyond Including insights from myself and others: India & Israel – The New Tech Frontiers. Check out Venture Capital Journal: OurCrowd, Israel’s most active investor, blends VC and crowdfunding model.  With a second WannaCry looming, more than half of industrial sites are vulnerable. How do we avoid it? See it in Forbes. Top tech news this week Agriculture…Machine vision is the newest weapon against crop loss, featuring Taranis. Healthcare…Surgical Theater Wows at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Enterprise Software…Nike Unveils ‘A Game-Changing Innovation’: A Fit Feature To Fix Shoe Sizing Online And In-Store, featuring Invertex. News from the Industry  The world’s aging population is larger than ever before and growing. Can the ailments of old age become a thing of the past due to the rise of groundbreaking technology? New Tech Tackles Old Age:...

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