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[Nexa3D in 3Dnatives] Nexa3D has announced the acquisition of XYZprinting’s SLS technology

The American manufacturer Nexa3D, which is known for its range of resin machines, has just announced the purchase of the SLS activity of the company XYZprinting. Not much information has been revealed so far, but this asset purchase is most interesting for the additive manufacturing market, especially as it is taking place only a few years after XYZprinting decided to enter the laser sintering market. This acquisition will allow Nexa3D to expand its portfolio of machines and serve a wider range of customers. Read...

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[Nexa3D in Business Wire] Nexa3D and Merz-Dental partner to expand access to ultrafast 3D printing in digital dentistry

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexa3D, the ultrafast polymer 3D printing leader, announced today that it partnered with Merz-Dental, a digital dentistry leader serving the majority of dental laboratories in Germany for 70 years, to significantly expand access to Nexa3D’s high-speed dental 3D printing technology. The partnership also further broadens Nexa3D dental applications by adding more dental materials to its resin portfolio. Read...

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[Nexa3D in Business Wire] Nexa3D increases dental 3D printing throughput by 50% with the release of new dental resins and NexaX workflow

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexa3D, the ultrafast polymer 3D printing leader, continues to advance its digital dentistry portfolio with the release of two new dental resins and dental workflow at this week’s Lab Day 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. The two new resins join a portfolio of eight validated dental resins bringing the total number to 10, further breaking dental 3D printing productivity barriers by increasing production throughput by as much as 50 percent. Read...

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[Nexa3D in Yanko Design] From prototype to reality: Here’s how a Hollywood concept designer used the NEXA3D ultrafast 3d resin printer to create magic

Can you remember a time before 3D printers? If you’re under 30, probably not. 3D printing’s seen quite an explosion since it debuted as a consumer-centric technology with the MakerBot back in 2009. While the technology has existed for a while before that too, the Cambrian explosion that occurred post-2009 made 3D printing an essential part of almost any industry you can think of – Design, engineering, architecture, medicine, aerospace, even concept art. Read...

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