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[Nexa3D in Business Wire] Nexa3D underscores sustainability commitment with reforestation effort

VENTURA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexa3D, leading US manufacturer of ultrafast 3D printers for industrial applications, today announced that it has partnered with ForestNation, provider of products and services to help reforest the Earth and generate sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. The partnership involves the development of the Nexa3D Forest in Tanzania. Read...

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[Nexa3D in TCT Magazine] Designing a More Eco-Friendly Desktop 3D Printer

3D printing is a technology that is often highlighted as being more sustainable than other manufacturing methods. It frequently allows parts to be manufactured with less material and lighter weight, for example, and it enables the localization of manufacturing, reducing shipping emissions. While this may generally hold true for the industry and its future, manufacturers and service providers need to play their part today to make it a reality. If enough businesses in the industry take measures to reduce waste and carbon footprints, 3D printing can be a genuine example of sustainability in manufacturing. Read...

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