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[OurCrowd in The Times of Israel] OurCrowd, leAD home in on sports-tech winners

The Jerusalem based equity crowdfunding venture firm OurCrowd and Germany’s sports accelerator leAD are teaming up to identify startups developing sports-related products and services that have the potential to make a global impact. The companies made the announcement Monday, ahead of the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investment Summit taking place in Jerusalem this week. Read more on The Times of Israel...

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[The Bouqs in TechCrunch] Flower delivery startup The Bouqs raises $24 million to grow past its many competitors

There’s a field full of flower delivery services to choose from these days from the old school 1-800-flowers and FTD to startups popping up over the last few years like BloomThat, Farmgirl Flowers, UrbanStems and The Bouqs. That last one just raised $24 million in Series C financing, bringing the total now to $43 million. The Bouqs doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but that fresh new funding puts it at the top of the heap in capital raised among on-demand flower startups. Read more on TechCrunch...

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[MedAware in Globes] Harvard study finds MedAware cuts prescription errors

A study by Harvard Medical school has found that the algorithms developed by Israeli startup MedAware have provided a comprehensive validation of MedAware’s software, designed to eliminate prescription errors. The study analysed records from almost 800,000 patients in order to assess the efficacy of MedAware’s solution. Dr. David Bates, a leading national Patient Safety expert and opinion leader, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health said, “It has been hard to find medication errors which come completely out of the blue – likely a medication used only in pregnant women which is ordered for an elderly male – but this approach detects orders which appear to be anomalous in some way, and it represents a very exciting new way to pick these errors up before they get to the patient.” Read more on Globes...

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[Consumer Physics in Forbes] New smartphone can ‘see’ inside objects

A new smartphone is able to scan not only the appearance but also the chemical composition of objects around it. Manufactured by Chinese company Changhong, the “H2” is fitted with a dedicated molecular sensor which can discover, without physical contact, information such as the sugar content of fruit, the active ingredients in medicines or the contents of a drink. The phone’s sensor component is a newly miniaturised version of the SCiO , a handheld molecular scanning gadget developed in 2014 by Tel Aviv company Consumer Physics, which uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to scan objects and liquids, revealing their chemical composition through cloud-based computational analysis of the resulting data. Read more on Forbes...

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[VocalZoom in The Times of Israel] Israel’s VocalZoom, Honda show voice-control tech at CES

Israeli startup VocalZoom has developed a sensor that it says allows “near perfect” voice control performance, even when there is a lot of background noise, like a car with an open window. “VocalZoom’s sensor can hear your voice inside your mouth, so it is not contaminated by background noises, ” VocalZoom CEO Tal Bakish in a phone interview. This is done by measuring the vibrations on the skin of the people who are talking, he said. Read more on The Times of Israel...

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