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Introducing OurNetwork

The foundations on how companies gain traction and work towards success are being upended. Rather than slowly moving forward in the eventual hope of gaining enough traction to connect to the right players in the field, OurCrowd is working to push both multi-national companies and innovative startups into strategic working relationships from the get go, leveling the playing field and mutually benefiting both. Leveraging OurCrowd’s connection has always been the backbone of supporting portfolio companies, and the time has come to formalize it. We are pleased to be launching OurNetwork, a platform to strengthen and build strategic partnerships between MNCs and the startup ecosystem. OurNetwork is already beginning to bear fruit, providing much needed direct access to technological breakthroughs and established companies. For example, New Zealand utility giant Vector was looking to access cutting edge breakthroughs around utilities. Through OurCrowd, they met portfolio company Mprest, a leading player in IIoT, resulting in a 2017 agreement to bring the “internet of energy” to over a million of Vector’s customers. Establishing a line of communication between the OurCrowd portfolio leader and...

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5 ways top angel investors improve their deal flow

For a startup investor, getting good deal flow is paramount for success. Even if your investment process is solid, your risk management is sound, and your luck is (really, really) good, without good deal flow, well, you’re not going to end up a very successful investor. Why? Your investment results will depend on the quality of the opportunities you have — the better the opportunities, the better the expected results. In fact, one could argue that the art and science of early-stage investing lies solely in a person’s ability to develop their own sources of deal flow. Mark Suster writes about why he doesn’t like meeting with bankers who are pushing deals: The process of raising capital IS part of running a business. It’s where you get to test your ideas in the marketplace of people who see many similar ideas. It’s where you meet people who have broad networks and even if they don’t invest in you may prove very helpful in your future. It’s part of a process where you learn which investors YOU like so you can decide with whom...

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