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In the News: Touring Israeli tech with NFL visitor, agtech miracles

Last week was fruitful across many sectors: Reps from over 40 countries arrived in Israel to discover Israeli agtech miracles; one of our newest agtech portfolio additions Tevel wowed the crowd with its robotic drone fruit picker. Meanwhile, we had the pleasure to introduce NFL star Deshaun Watson to Israel’s sports tech landscape, with a view of Jerusalem. In weather news, various startups are aiming to predict the weather with utmost accuracy – but Israeli-founded ClimaCell is a major player in the “real cloud wars”. Read on for more Israeli startup news. Startup Nation and beyond New US-Israel R&D center to get $16M for advancing energy tech – the center will “tackle finding tech solutions to challenges facing the energy, water, cybersecurity and fossil fuel sectors.” Lemonade: Reinventing renters and homeowners insurance with on-demand service and social responsibility. “To remain at the head of the pack, or even to survive, businesses need to constantly embrace cutting-edge innovation.” prooV: Removing barriers to speedy innovation. Top tech news this week Mobility…Volkswagen ties-up with Zoomcar to provide car subscription. Cybersecurity…ThetaRay Wins 2019 Fortress...

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In the News: Who’s craving private investments?

Can you taste it? The talk this weekend was Beyond Meat’s IPO, debuting on the Nasdaq (BYND) last Thursday, exceeding expectations. In this Bloomberg interview, OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved explains that for us, it’s not just about another exit – it’s that individual investors got access to Beyond Meat before it went public by investing with OurCrowd.  Meanwhile, read on about another hot topic, BOL Pharma and Israel’s cannabis tech scene: BOL Pharma grows in a favorable climate that made Israel leader of $100B medical cannabis market. Two big sectors join to create new solutions: how self driving tractors and AI are changing agriculture, featuring Taranis in Forbes. Startup Nation and beyond Read this Israeli tech overview, including, “Israel has even invented a new type of venture capital, with a crowd-sourced venture fund named OurCrowd.” Israel’s High-Tech paradise: Built by the IDF, increasingly looking to Arab-Israeli talent. Hillel’s Tech Corner: Holograms saving lives; captures the essence of RealView Imaging’s amazing new tech. Israel announces its participation in World Expo 2020 in Dubai; the Foreign Ministry welcomes “the opportunity to… present Israeli innovations and trailblazing technology in.. water, medicine and information technology.” Top...

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‘Hope is A Global Thing’: Nas Daily shares an impact message

If you haven’t already encountered Nuseir Yassin, better known as video blogger Nas Daily, he’s the guy who has probably popped up in your Facebook newsfeed a few times over the last few years. Nas travelled the world for 1,000 days, uncovering impactful stories and sharing viral videos about them for millions of followers to enjoy. More recently, in his OCSummit19 plenary session, “Hope is A Global Thing,” Nas spoke about what drove him to change his stable trajectory and follow his passion, ending up an expert and world-renowned storyteller – and how the ability to tell a story can impact global innovation. I am convinced that opportunity exists in…every country and it is our responsibility as creators to showcase this stuff and your responsibility as investors is to invest in this stuff, the things that actually make the world a better place. – Nuseir Yassin, Nas Daily  Plus, check out his 1-minute (get it?) interview with former BBC correspondent Anna Kingsley to hear more of Nas’ insights: If you haven’t seen Nas Daily in the wild, check out Nuseir’s channel....

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In the News: What does Nas Daily have to say after 1,000 days?

Congratulations to the latest star of our incubator, Labs/02, after announcing a big round: C2A raises $6.5M for its in-car cybersecurity platform. Meanwhile – his 1,000 days of daily one-minute videos may have come to an end, but Nas Daily is far from done! Top vlogger and entrepreneur Nuseir (Nas) Yassin will be joining us for three days of Summit Week, March 5-7! For your chance to hear him give a TEK Talk and more, register here. Startup Nation and beyond Zebra Medical Vision will now improve the lives of 90% of Israeli patients….looking forward to the rest of the world joining: Zebra Medical Partners With Three of Israel’s Largest Healthcare Providers. Check out One World Identity’s list of top 100 Influencers in Identity, including Trusona CEO Ori Eisen. Specializing in environmental protection and sustainability, Israel to establish multi-million dollar environmental protection lab. Top tech news this week  Mobility…Uber’s JUMP bikes are seeing high utilization rates. FinTech…Online Insurer Lemonade Hires Former PayPal and eBay Exec to Head R&D in Israel. Healthcare…10 Israeli companies scouring digital data to save our lives, featuring Zebra Medical Vision and MedAware. News from the industry  The Hidden...

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