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[MUV Interactive in GQ] This tiny gadget will turn your wall into a touchscreen (kind of)

The world’s been smitten with touch screens ever since Steve Jobs made it an everyday utility with the first iPhone back in 2007. But while the remarkable tech has made all our lives easier, touchscreens have so far been restricted to specific types of gadgets ranging from the smartphone to super-expensive LED TVs. But what if you could turn your wall (or any surface you’re staring at for that matter) into a touchscreen? If that sounds a little too futuristic, there’s a new wearable gadget in the market that’s doing just that. Read more on GQ...

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[MUV Interactive in The Jerusalem Post] 6 Israeli startups that want to change your everyday life

Sick of being glued to your phone, tablet or computer? Check out Bird. It’s a wearable device — also somewhat sushi-like in appearance — that fits on the tip of your finger and turns any surface into a touchscreen — tables, walls, you name it. Made by the startup MUV Interactive, it lets wearers move objects and click on icons simply by touching. In the video, for example, a child plays a video game that is projected on the walls of a living room. Read more on The Jerusalem Post...

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[MUV Interactive in CNN] Want to read your dog’s mind? Japan’s boom in weird wearable tech

Measuring about 3 inches long, BIRD is essentially a modern thimble that turns your fingertip into a magic wand. Using algorithms to decode a user’s intent, the device also features precise sensors that track direction, speed, and gestures. The technology enables users to turn any surface into a smart screen, as well as interact with other smart devices. Read more on CNN...

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[MUV Interactive in Tech Times] MUV Interactive and Silicon Technology launch BIRD wearable in Japan

MUV Interactive and Silicon Technology jointly announced on April 5 in Japan the launch of BIRD, a new smart wearable device that attaches to the tip of any finger. The product, which is being sold through Silicon Technology and its partners, is designed to give users a new, intuitive way to interact with their technology. “As [a] country that loves high tech, innovation and great invention, Japan is absolutely a natural choice for this exciting launch,” said Rami Parham, CEO of MUV Interactive. “We are confident that, along with the help of our partners, BIRD will be a huge success and change the landscape of interaction and cooperation with digital content within the education and corporate sectors in Japan.” Read more on Tech Times here....

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company MUV Interactive featured in Fox News

OurCrowd’s portfolio company MUV Interactive was featured in Fox News, a leading American television news network. MUV Interactive is the developer of a pioneering solution that’s enabling users to turn any surface into a touchscreen. Developed by an Israeli company called MUV Interactive, the Bird is currently in beta testing. It will launch next year. The small device attaches to your finger and looks a bit like a ring. The developers say it will only weigh about an ounce. It connects to a base station in the same room which triangulates your exact finger position right down to the centimeter. In the demo for FoxNews.com conducted by Rami Parham, the CEO and founder of MUV, the Bird was used to control a slideshow at first. Parham swiped and clicked on slides. The device can sense pressure-sensitivity, similar to the new 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s. The Bird doesn’t require a special projector or software and works by syncing to the MUV base station. MUV Interactive raised $902,000 from OurCrowd investors in August 2013. Read more on Fox News...

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