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[MST in PR Newswire] First-Ever Live Laparoscopic Surgery Using Image-Guided Robotically Assisted System

The first-ever live laparoscopic surgery using an image-guided robotically assisted system was broadcast at VAAO Symposium for Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery 2017 in Münster, Germany. The live case was performed by PD Dr Andreas Hackethal using the AutoLap system. The ovarian cystectomy procedure was conducted using AutoLap, an imaged-guided robotically assisted laparoscope positioning system (MST Medical Surgery Technologies), to demonstrate the value of freeing a surgical assistant from the role of camera holder and achieving a consistently stable image and optimal field of view for the surgeon. Read more on PR Newswire...

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[Memic & MST in Israel21c] 7 Israeli robots that are transforming surgery

Robotic or robot-assisted surgery can give doctors better vision, precision, flexibility and control when performing complex minimally invasive procedures. Someday, surgeons will even use robotic tools to operate through the Internet, bringing modern medical techniques to remote parts of the world. Only a handful of surgical robots currently are approved for use, and Israelis developed three of them. Read more in...

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Robots in the operating room: Making doctors — and healthcare — more efficient

In Harl Vincent’s 1934 book “Rex”, a robot surgeon sought to remake mankind in the image of the robot. While he was (thankfully) unsuccessful in his pursuit, robots have certainly made their impact felt at a societal level. Robotic technologies are being introduced to a wide array of industries and have demonstrated their potential to save lives. The resident robots The first robotic system was introduced into the medical world in 1985. Dr. Yik San Kwoh of the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center used a robotic arm to direct a needle into his patients brain. Dr. Kwoh said about the surgery, ”The robotic arm is safer, faster and far less invasive than current surgical procedures.” Since then, robotics have played key active roles in the fields of surgery, rehabilitation and diagnostics. Surgery, in specific, is an area where robots are changing the way healthcare is delivered. Early technologies have mostly been aimed at assisting the surgeon, leading to a more efficient surgery. Robots in the Operating Room Perhaps the most well-known Israeli medical innovation using robotics is Mazor’s Renaissance. The...

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