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Whimsical Thoughts About a Waze Acquisition — What an Investor Needs to Know

It’s not every day you hear about titans like Google and Facebook going head to head in a race to buy out a company. This hasn’t exactly been the case with Waze, the social navigation app. It’s been rumored to have at least a couple big players knocking down its door. The latest news in the Waze buyout saga says that the Facebook-Waze talks are on the fritz, due to the fact that Waze is opposed to moving its Israel-based operations to Facebook’s HQ in California. Whether the buyout will happen or not, there is no doubt that Waze — the technology — has changed the way we travel from point A to point B. So, for this blog, we’ve created a road map describing the origin and meteoric rise of Waze. I’ve been living in a cave for 5 years, what is Waze exactly? Waze is a GPS with a twist. Unlike a standard GPS that just displays a map (if you’re really fancy, it also pulls satellite data to optimize your planned route), Waze rallies all its users...

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Zula receives funding from OurCrowd

OurCrowd is happy to announce the funding of its latest portfolio company, Zula. Zula provides an innovative cloud-based mobile collaboration platform for teams. Zula was founded by Jeff Pulver, pioneer of VoIP, social media master and early-stage investor in companies like Twitter and foursquare, and by Jacob Ner-David, a 3-time entrepreneur who took Delta Three through IPO. Zula  co-founder Jeff Pulver said, “I am excited about the value that OurCrowd brings to early stage investors who  invest in  startup companies. Not only did we raise our seed round online in less than a week, but we had people from all over the world invest in Zula thanks to this platform.” This is OurCrowd’s 18th completed funding round, while 3 additional companies are still actively funding. If you’re an accredited investor and like to find out more please visit OurCrowd.   [xyz-ihs...

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8 Israeli tech trends for 8 crazy nights: NFC (5/8)

We’re celebrating Hanukah in Israel right now and given all the fun and festivities going on, we thought it would be a good time to look back over the past few months and highlight some of the tech trends we’re seeing in startup land in the Startup Nation. As a caveat, these trends are based upon our deal flow – what we’re seeing on the ground. So, Happy Hanukah and enjoy. >>Read about all the top Israel technology trends this holiday season<< ::::::::NFC::::::::: The problem: Delivering content to the mobile device has always been somewhat cumbersome. There hasn’t been a quick, easy, low-power, and relatively inexpensive way for mobile phones to share data communications. Bluetooth seemed to solve some of that but requiring two devices to pair up limits its usage. It’s still been really hard to get content onto the phone. The solution: There is a technology standard called Near Field Communication (NFC) that quickly allows for two-way communication between endpoints by bringing them in close contact to one another. NFC is becoming standard in handsets now and...

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Browse continuously between devices with Folloyu

Recent studies have proved that the longer potential buyers are on a company’s web page the much more likely they are to click the “buy” button. The problem is that there are so many distractions and disturbances throughout the day that one cannot simply stay at a computer for a long period of time. Continuous browsing across devices Folloyu is groundbreaking technology that deals with the problem of online content abandonment. Websites spend huge sums of time and money attracting people into the site, but the potential buyers do not stay long enough to finish what they have started. The app: Allows users to transfer any webpage to their mobile devices with minimal effort. Increase online website’s conversion rates Increase mobile presence Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty The longer the user can stay on the web, the higher the chances he or she will buy. Wouldn’t it be great if any website could follow you…? Folloyu was created in January of 2011 by Alfred Shaffir. [bra_team_member member_name=”Elan Yudkowsky” member_position=”Intern at OurCrowd” member_img_src=”https://blog.ourcrowd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/elan.jpg” member_social_list=”LinkedIn, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/elan-yudkowsky/5a/689/649″ member_columns=”2″]Elan Yudkowsky is an intern...

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CellBuddy can be your mobile roaming friend

Traveling abroad is many times a huge pain in the neck. Along with the costs of traveling, renting cars, hotel rooms, and food, one must pay outrageous international plans to use cellphones. There is finally an affordable and easy way to text, call, and use data on your cellphone, regardless of where you travel. CellBuddy works like this: the technology is in a phone case that not only enables the user to use the phone as normal, but also protects the phone at the same time. The case contains a modem that communicates with the SIM card, which is managed by CellBuddy’s servers. CellBuddy’s servers then enable you to do whatever action you so please; similar to the way AT&T and Verizon allow a person to use his phone every day. < The CellBuddy Roaming solution from Asaf Naim on Vimeo. CellBuddy has tapped into an untapped market with virtually no competitors. They say that the global roaming market is more than $50 billion, and the company’s target market, business travelers, represent 65% of that. As a person that...

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