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Meet the Israeli startups on Google’s list of 2014’s Best Android Apps

With over 1 million apps available on the platform, Google Play is the world’s largest app store. Each year, Google sifts through the multitudinous apps they offer and puts together a list of the best Android apps of 2014. Among the 75 apps the tech giant has highlighted as the ‘best of the best’ this year in their respective categories, four of them were developed by Israeli companies. The strong presence of Israeli apps across the industry’s various lists and rankings over the past few years reflects the continuous growth and advancement of the Startup Nation’s mobile ecosystem. Besides being very useful additions to anyone’s collection, these photo & video editing, finance, and social apps represent the finest of Israeli mobile app innovation. Here is the Made-in-Israel edition of Google Play’s list of the best Android apps of 2014: Money Tracker by BillGuard OurCrowd portfolio company, BillGuard is a personal finance security company harnessing the collective knowledge of millions of consumers to protect everyone from unwanted and unauthorized charges on our credit card bills. BillGuard scans your card activity daily and alerts you to hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions...

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Meet the Israeli startups on TNW’s list of the best iOS apps launched in 2013

Back in October during Apple’s media event in San Francisco, it was revealed that Apple’s iOS App Store lists more than one million apps and has generated $13 billion in revenue for developers since it was first introduced. The Next Web, a leading website for international tech news, put together a list of the more notable apps and services to launch for Apple’s mobile platform in 2013. Out of the 89 apps listed by TNW, 8 of them are Israeli products fresh out of the Startup Nation. Besides being very useful additions to anyone’s collection, these smart calendars, budgeting tools and funky cameras represent the crème de la crème of Israeli innovation. Here is the Made-in-Israel edition of the TNW’s list of the best iOS apps launched in 2013: Takes We were very excited to see OurCrowd’s portfolio company Takes on the list! Takes is a cool app that lets you capture video simply by taking photos. Every time you snap a picture, Takes is capturing video, too. It effectively provides a brand new way for you to share your experiences by simply doing what you already...

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Zula rocking it at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 — wins ‘Audience Choice’ award!

TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual technology conference hosted by TechCrunch in San Francisco, New York City and Beijing and is one of the most anticipated and popular events of the year in the tech industry. It’s at this conference that many technology startups choose to launch their products and services competing on stage in front of leading venture capitalists, potential investors, media and other interested parties. OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula, an innovative cloud-based mobile collaboration platform for teams, is participating in the conference this week and has lived up to its promise to become one of the most disruptive startups there! Last night the Zula team were the ‘Audience Choice Winners’ and got a chance to pitch live before the Disrupt judges. Co-founders Jeff Keni Pulver and Jacob Ner-David took to the TechCrunch Disrupt stage and wowed the audience, judges and online viewers with their innovative Zula app. Watch the video of their performance on stage: TechCrunch published an article featuring Zula with some of the selected Q&A with the Disrupt judges. Take a look: Zula’s Mobile-First Teamwork Tool Lets You Spend More Time Outside Of The Inbox Way to go Zula team, you guys...

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Translation Nation: Israel’s translation software and services investment landscape

As the world is getting smaller as technological advances in communication and travel promote globalization – markets and people have become more accessible to one another. The chances of two people from different societies, cultures and countries meeting is pretty high, but the chances of them speaking the same language is not. As a leading startup ecosystem in the world, Israel is a hot destination for travelers in general and business travelers specifically. Moreover, Israel has a huge traveling culture. After completing their army service, Israelis traditionally take a year off to travel the world before starting school and work. Therefore, Israel has been a great source for language based apps, software and services. The Start-up Nation: a modern-day Tower of Babylon The number one most used translation service out there is Google Translate. Earlier this year, the international tech giant announced that it will provide a translation service for apps. Behind Google’s new service stand two Israeli companies, One Hour Translation and Tomedes. According to Reuters, One Hour Translation’s revenue is expected to double annually as businesses (the company already serves half of the Fortune 500) increasingly...

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May the best app win: Geektime ranks the 30 most popular Israeli mobile apps

Geektime, the largest tech blog in Israel, has set out to sift through the hundreds of Israeli mobile apps flooding the market right now in an attempt to find the top applications. Geektime will measure the app’s popularity according to characteristics, opinions, reviews in app stores and other additional criteria. The rating will be updated on a monthly basis and new additions, along with rank changes, will be tracked accordingly. There are many websites, blogs and articles dedicated to app rankings out there, but Geektime’s ranking is unique in that it provides a platform through which we can look at the best apps the Start-up Nation has to offer, the crème de la crème of Israeli innovation. In their article, the Geektime team express what they hope to achieve with the mobile app ranking: To provide order to the chaos we decided to parade some the best Israeli applications out there on the market, both those that are famous, and even a few you might not yet know about – but you should. Until recently Israel hasn’t had a lot of success with consumer apps,...

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