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What’s in the Cards? Tech-Forward Mobile Solutions Offer the Convenience of Paying by App

In our fast-changing digital world — where new mobile apps continue to transform the way we live, work, and play — FinTech is reshaping how we handle our money online and on the go. Take a look, just as an example, at peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers and remittance, which are worth well over $1 trillion. Today, only a small part of those transactions – in the US, about $5 billion – are conducted via mobile. But mobile transaction volume is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years —driven by FinTech innovation — such that (according to some estimates) P2P transactions could conceivably jump to $86 billion in the US by 2018. With the future growth of FinTech intricately linked to mobile technologies, mobile payment solutions are an important piece of the puzzle. Here are some of the ways that mobile apps are already redefining and reinventing how our money is being shared, received, and transferred via mobile. All in the Family It’s become more convenient to repay people digitally using P2P payment services, than to pay using cash....

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Innovation Calling! OurCrowd’s Innovative MobileTech Portfolio [Infographic]

The smartphone may be smart, but it’s no longer simply a phone. From consumer apps and hardware to enterprise software, mobile technologies and innovations are a leading focus area in startup investing! Which begs the question: What are the next-gen mobile technologies that will change our lives? OurCrowd’s MobileTech portfolio encompasses a variety of technologies, overlapping with various sub-sectors, such as MedTech, Enterprise, Consumer, and more. Two out of our four portfolio exits are mobile technologies: BillGuard, a personal finance app fighting credit card fraud that was acquired by Prosper in 2015, and Nextpeer, an industry leading mobile gamers network acquired by Viber in 2015. As we continue to build, grow, and exit mobile technologies (among others), we’re pleased to share the following infographic capturing the scope of some of the amazing MobileTech companies in OurCrowd’s portfolio, proving themselves in this growing industry. Does this infographic call out to you? Share if you find it helpful! To find out more about mobile technology and other investment opportunities on our platform, contact our Investor Relations team or visit our...

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The Future Mobile: Ringing in the next generation of smartphones

Before mobile phones were developed in the 1970s, dreams about handheld phones that worked anywhere and everywhere were brought to life in the world of entertainment: in the 1960s, the character Maxwell Smart often talked on his famous shoe-shaped phone in the television series GetSmart. Before that, a 1931 children’s book, Conrad’s Ride to the South, portrays a man who keeps a phone in his pocket to use while he is out and about around town. After a series of vehicle-based phone systems were developed in the 1950s, the first handheld mobile phone was introduced by Motorola in 1973; weighing more than two pounds with a battery life of only 30 minutes before needing to be recharged for a full ten hours. Not only are today’s phones a fraction of that size and able to be recharged in minutes, but are for much more than talking.  Today there are more mobile devices than people on the planet. And there is still massive potential for the mobile market, with devices on their way to replacing, at least partially, not only...

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Prevent Diabetes: A new way for 86M prediabetics to go off course

While diabetes is undoubtedly a big problem, with 29.1 million diabetics in the US, approximately 60 million in Europe, and 371 million across the globe, there are considerably more people who qualify as “pre-diabetic”. In fact, 86 million Americans are estimated to be pre-diabetic. The statistics are overwhelming: Half of all healthy 45-year-olds will develop prediabetes, a condition of elevated blood sugar that can lead to full-blown insulin-dependent Type II diabetes, according to a recent comprehensive study in The Netherlands. At the same time, there is also room for hope: Making lifestyle changes while prediabetic can reduce one’s risk of developing actual diabetes by 58%, according to a 2002 U.S. government-funded study. But that is much easier said than done. In order to significantly reduce one’s risk, individuals need to exercise for two and a half hours each week, and eat less fat and fewer calories, ideally reducing their body weight by 7%, according to the 2002 study. And those participating in the study that achieved this outcome had a team of counselors offering instruction and motivation, as well...

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Elections 2.0: Top Israeli apps transforming civic engagement

Yesterday — after months of campaigning, exhaustive deliberating, and relentless political advertising by competing parties — millions of Israelis flocked to the various polls across the country to carry out their democratic right and vote for their next government (the election had an impressive 71.8% voter turnout, the highest since the 1999 elections!). As Israelis exercised their right to vote in Tuesday’s election, it’s important to note that on a daily basis the Startup Nation exercises its right to be innovative. Israel has earned international acclaim for its cutting-edge innovations, successful entrepreneurs, and research in the fields of science, technology, medicine, and the environment. Over the past few months leading up to the Israeli elections, the country’s thriving startup ecosystem has been exhibiting similar ingenuity and creative execution in another, somewhat unexpected area — citizenship and civic duty. It’s evident that technological advancements and the growing use of smartphones enable individuals from all over the world to join together and propel real change. Now that technology meets public engagement and philanthropy, many more people can become involved in their communities in a meaningful way. NoCamels, a leading news website on Israeli innovations, profiled five leading Israeli tech platforms that “give citizens...

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