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The OurCrowd Guide to Israeli Startup Incubators and Accelerators

The Israeli high tech industry is swarming with startups, some with the potential to be the next Waze (acquired by Google for $1.3B) But where and how are these startups originating? How do these companies go from being just an idea in an entrepreneurs mind to a multi-million dollar exit? A long-existing method to help launch a startup is the incubator/accelerator program. Israeli accelerators and incubators: role in the startup ecosystem the role of accelerators: Basically the function of incubators / accelerators is to detect startups that are at an early stage of existence and provide them with the initial and basic tools to get their ideas up and running, while mentoring them throughout the process. In return the incubator program receives an agreed upon amount of shares in the startup they are hosting or a fee for services rendered. how to apply: The incubator starts by advertising its program to entrepreneurs urging them to apply and explain what benefits they would receive if they would be selected to be “incubated”. the acceleration process: The lucky startups chosen for “Incubation”...

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Applango, finalist in Israel SaaS startup competition, wins place on Microsoft Accelerator

Applango, a startup providing enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) management solutions, today announced that it was selected as finalist at the 2012 IGT Cloud Summit among 24 other SaaS companies at DLD Tel Aviv. [bra_blockquote align=””]”Applango’s solution is a winner among SaaS offerings since it answers a crucial management need for companies that have adopted SaaS widely,” said Avner Algom, CEO of IGT Cloud. “The judges were pleased to award this honor Applango since it is solving a real-world business problem, and is already achieving traction in the market.”[/bra_blockquote] IT professionals know how easily other employees and departments can subscribe to cloud based apps. That is one reason for the massive growth of SaaS in the enterprise. All these uncoordinated efforts are difficult to track and manage and can often cause inefficiencies throughout the organization, wasting large budgets in subscriptions. Applango provides tools that CIOs and IT leaders need to manage SaaS applications. This way they can track usage, provision users, and monitor spending. Subscription waste is easily stopped and coordination between users is achieved. Companies that benefit...

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