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Why Uber Bought JUMP

When Uber bought a small electric bike company in April 2018, it came as a shock to many. What was behind the acquisition of JUMP Mobility Technologies, an OurCrowd portfolio company? What did it suggest about how innovative companies could stay on the cutting edge of business models and technologies? A disruptive innovation gives new consumers at the bottom of a market access to a product or service historically only accessible to consumers with a lot of money or skill. These innovators figure out how to compete asymmetrically with market leaders, ultimately overturning — or disrupting — the status quo. New technologies, new business models, social trends or government policy may catalyze this process. This is exactly what happened in JUMP’s case. Municipalities granted existing bike-sharing vendors in cities like New York, San Francisco and Portland near-monopolies and they naturally grew complacent. These vendors essentially used pre-iPhone technology. Manual bikes needed to be picked up and returned to bulky, and often inconvenient, docking stations. Consumers grumbled about the mobile interface, pricing and the need to return the bike to...

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Israeli Exits through the Years: The Data Storage Industry

Not for nothing is Israel the #2 startup ecosystem in the world — it has more high-tech startups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country. Over the past few years, Israeli M&A has been (and still is!) on fire with a lot of excitement and hype around several multi-million dollar deals. The interest of international tech giants in Israeli startups is nothing new, and as we know, one of the major strategies for Israeli startups is to transform into appealing acquisitions for large entities knocking on its door. Some of the top high-tech M&As in Israeli history have come straight out of the data storage industry. These companies working on developing various storage solutions (from software to hardware, and in between) typically exit in the mid-hundreds of millions of dollars range. Here’s an up-to-date look at the Israeli M&As in the data storage industry over the years: UPDATE: Storage giant Western Digital just announced (Oct. 21st, 2015) that it has agreed to buy SanDisk Corp for about $19 billion, marking yet another exit for Israel’s data storage sector! A look to the (near)...

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IPOs: How they work and what they mean for your portfolio

In our ‘Teach-In Tuesdays’ webinar series, we explore investing in early-stage Israeli companies, identify and explain influential tech trends, stay up-to-date with the crowdfunding industry, and examine actionable insights from our own experience running OurCrowd’s investment platform. This past Tuesday, OurCrowd hosted a special edition of our ‘Teach-In Tuesdays’ webinar series, in light of the recent ReWalk IPO. ReWalk, the first OurCrowd portfolio company to achieve an exit, recently went public on the NASDAQ (RWLK) prompting a lot of questions from our investor community. Join OurCrowd partner Elan Zivotofsky to learn more about the IPO process and how early stage investors profit from this type of exit. To stay updated on future events and the best news from the Startup Nation, sign up for our newsletter, email us, and follow us on social media. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: View the FULL program Download/view the presentation To stay updated on future events and the best news from the Startup Nation, sign up for our newsletter, email us, and follow us on social...

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Full Steam Ahead: Mid-2014 Israeli Mergers, Acquisitions and IPOs [Infographic]

The Israeli startup ecosystem is chugging along full steam ahead, on pace to make 2014 a record breaking year. So far, 37 Israeli companies have either floated on public exchanges worldwide or have been acquired by large multinational corporations. In addition to the successful exits, 335 Israeli high-tech companies attracted $1.6 billion in venture capital funding, an 81% increase from 2013. Here is another OurCrowd infographic breaking down the first half of 2014 in numbers....

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6 Tips on How You Can Invest in the Next Billion Dollar Exit

2013 was a record year for the Israeli high-tech sector as the value of M&A deals and IPOs reached an eight-year high of $7.6 billion. Although there were several exits in the hundreds of millions of dollars (the average exit was for $170 million, the highest in decades), most of that sum was for a small number of mega-exits in high-tech. Of the 45 Israeli exits last year, Google’s acquisition of popular social driving app Waze for about $1 billion made the most headlines. Why Waze was valued over $1 billion What was the big deal about Waze? Well, for starters, it’s not every day you hear about titans like Google and Facebook going head to head in a race to buy out a company. Furthermore, the lucrative deal is one of the largest high-tech acquisitions in Israeli history. Google’s acquisition of Waze put Israeli technology back on the front stage of the international startup scene, signaling new growth for Israeli high tech that was clearly evident in the months following the deal. Until recently, most investors thought it would be impossible to build a billion dollar consumer company in Israel. The Google-Waze deal opened...

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