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OurCrowd’s portfolio company MentAd featured in VentureBeat

Leading technology website, VentureBeat, featured OurCrowd portfolio company MentAd, a predictive marketing platform sold to businesses as a service that recalibrates existing marketing campaigns and targeting efforts based on proprietary analysis of existing customer data. Palo Alto, California-based MentAd is announcing today it has raised $4.7 million to support its particular approach: “your next customer will be similar to the last.” The company has developed mass analysis and segmentation of historical customer data as a way of identifying the next wave of customers and the kind of advertising that will appeal to them. MentAd raised $498,304 from OurCrowd investors in June 2014. Read more on...

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What We’re Investing In: Current Investment Opportunities On OurCrowd (June 2014)

Here is a look at all of the latest investment opportunities on OurCrowd’s platform. OurCrowd allows accredited investors to access curated, negotiated startup opportunities, at lower minimums than the traditional venture capital model. Since our last edition of “What we’re investing in,” we’ve launched another two companies in the advertising technology and augmented reality space. Cimagine: Augmented commerce anywhere Cimagine’s novel technology was created to address a very common issue that causes only 4% of all furniture sales to be transacted online. This statistic makes sense, how can anyone make a confident online purchase, without knowing what the furniture will look like in his or her own home? Introducing Cimagine, an augmented commerce platform that allows consumers to view a 3D image of their potentialbefore making the actual purchase. Using the camera view from a mobile device, the software places high definition images from the retailers website into a real worldview of the customer’s home. Once the image is in place, the user can walk around the image in order to view it from all of the various angles and distances....

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