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[Memic in PR Newswire] Memic Receives FDA De Novo Marketing Authorization for First-Ever Surgical Robotic System with Humanoid-shaped Robotic Arms

TEL AVIV, Israel and FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Memic, a medical device company dedicated to transforming robot-assisted surgery with its proprietary technology, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted De Novo marketing authorization of its Hominis® robot-assisted surgical platform for use in single site, natural orifice laparoscopic-assisted transvaginal benign surgical procedures including benign hysterectomy. Read more...

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Your body, disrupted

In April, scientists at Tel Aviv University “printed” the world’s first 3D vascularized heart using a patient’s own cells and biological material. This is just the tip of the medical iceberg. We expect healthcare to change in the next decade as disruptive technologies promise to improve patient outcomes, making medicine more personalized, effective, and interconnected. The Path to Personal Care: Genetics How similar do you think you are to a banana? You actually share 60% of your genetic code with this healthy snack. DNA is the core building block of every living thing, and minute changes in genetic codes are responsible for unbelievable differences between us. From 23andMe DNA tests providing personalized reports about your ancestry to Igentify revolutionizing genetic testing and counseling, scientists are harnessing our understanding of genetics to provide real value to society. Medicine still relies heavily on general population statistics. The doctor evaluates your symptoms, considers your age, weight, family health history, and ultimately determines treatment. But far too often we simply do not respond and return to the doctor, having wasted money, effort, and time....

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[Memic & MST in Israel21c] 7 Israeli robots that are transforming surgery

Robotic or robot-assisted surgery can give doctors better vision, precision, flexibility and control when performing complex minimally invasive procedures. Someday, surgeons will even use robotic tools to operate through the Internet, bringing modern medical techniques to remote parts of the world. Only a handful of surgical robots currently are approved for use, and Israelis developed three of them. Read more in...

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