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[MeMed in GlobeNewswire] Tucson ER & Hospital adopts trailblazing MeMed BV® test

HAIFA, Israel and TUCSON, Arizona, October 25, 2022 – MeMed, a leader in the emerging field of advanced host-response technologies, and Tucson ER & Hospital, a physician-managed facility with a mission to restore the provider and patient relationship through communication and individualized treatment plans, today announce that Tucson is adopting the trailblazing MeMed BV® test that distinguishes viral from bacterial infection within 15 minutes. Read more...

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[MeMed in GlobeNewswire] Maccabi Healthcare Services announces it is the first HMO in the world to include MeMed BV® test as part of routine care

Tel Aviv, Israel; June 7, 2022: Following US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the MeMed BV® test, which helps physicians distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in just 15 minutes, Maccabi Healthcare Services announces today it is launching the test in all its urgent care centers around Israel. Maccabi is one of the largest health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the world, with 2.5 million members and about 100,000 medical interactions per day. Read more...

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[MeMed in GlobeNewswire] Maimonides Medical Center adopts revolutionary technology that quickly distinguishes bacterial and viral infections

(Brooklyn, NY) – Today, Maimonides Medical Center announced a landmark agreement with MeMed, an Israel-based medical technology firm, for the adoption of MeMed BV, a new, FDA-approved, cutting-edge test that distinguishes whether a patient is suffering from a bacterial or viral infection within 15 minutes. Read more...

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