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DIY ROI: Where to invest in website building technology 2.0

Could it possibly be easier? Click. Drag. Drop. Done. Presto! Congratulations – you’ve just created a website. With a few easy steps, you could be Picasso with pixels, an artist who needs no training to create a stunning website. This is the work of automated website builders, sites that simplify the otherwise coding- and time-intensive (not to mention expensive) process of building a website. They are the IKEA of the internet, clarifying an otherwise prohibitively complex task for the average user in a few steps, all the while staying easy on the eyes. But the site-building process, although simplified, is not by any means totally simple. Here’s the first irony of automatic website builders: it’s exceedingly difficult to find them with a single, or even many, Google searches. There are a few potential reasons for this: that they all excel at Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short), by now a standard service for the websites they create; that there are a bunch of charlatans posing as free website builders hoping to dupe the unsuspecting newbie into buying overpriced...

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