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Lucid Energy Receives Funding From Israel’s OurCrowd

OurCrowd is proud to announce the funding for our 1st U.S. portfolio company Lucid Energy Inc., a provider of renewable energy systems.  Lucid Energy’s patented LucidPipe™ Power System enables industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities to generate clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from the water grid. “We are thrilled to be working with OurCrowd,” said Gregg Semler, CEO of Lucid Energy Inc. “The speed and efficiency of the OurCrowd platform – which has brought entrepreneurial investors to us from as far away as Israel, New York, Brazil and Australia – is amazing.” Lucid Energy, based in Portland, Oregon, was formed in 2007 as an innovative clean technology company focused on creating a new way for industries to turn the untapped energy of moving water into cost-saving, renewable energy. “Water usage worldwide is growing rapidly, and in order to meet this demand, thousands of miles of water pipelines are being built in fast-developing countries while, at the same time, many of the world’s existing pipelines are aging and in dire need of repairs.” For more information read the full article published on...

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Lucid Energy lands deal in Portland

Lucid Energy just agreed to terms with Portland Water Bureau that will begin the permitting process for construction of the first hydroelectric system installed in the cities pipelines. Lucid Energy Inc. is a provider of renewable energy systems. Lucid Energy’s patented LucidPipe Power System enables industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities to generate clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from their gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams. “We are very pleased to kick-off the first LucidPipe project in Portland,” said Gregg Semler, President and CEO of Lucid Energy Inc. “We’re seeing a lot of interest in our product from communities and water utilities around the world, so it’s exciting that Portland will be among the first to complete an installation. It really speaks to Portland’s understanding about the importance of the convergence of water and energy in building a sustainable economy and it will set an example for water agencies all over the world that, like Portland, are looking to reduce energy costs and embrace clean energy and smart water innovation.”(Environmental-Expert.com) Lucid Energy is working on projects in New York, Texas, California, Oregon, Canada and...

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8 Israeli tech trends for 8 crazy nights: Water (4/8)

We’re celebrating Hanukah in Israel right now and given all the fun and festivities going on, we thought it would be a good time to look back over the past few months and highlight some of the tech trends we’re seeing in startup land in the Startup Nation. As a caveat, these trends are based upon our deal flow – what we’re seeing on the ground. So, Happy Hanukah and enjoy. >>Read about all the top Israel technology trends this holiday season<< :::::::::Water::::::::: The problem: Water’s a finite resource. There seems to be enough of it on the planet — it’s just not distributed evenly. Israel’s topography and geography in particular make water a critical asset. The transportation, purification, and consumption of water are all global issues. The solutions: Atlantium: This firm takes UV-disinfection to a whole new level. It is the only UV solution validated to 4-log virus disinfection credit, using live Adenovirus Lucid Energy: This Oregon-based renewable energy firm has inked a deal with one of Israel’s leading water utilities. With it’s in-pipe turbines, Lucid can cheaply and efficiently generate electricity from...

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