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Rev your engines: Expert panel explores what’s next in autonomous driving

At this year’s CES, driverless car technology was not just one of the hottest trends, it was THE hot trend.” – OurCrowd Investments Partner David Stark “Safety is the main reason that this will become the norm, not just a fancy feature for premium cars.” – Mobileye VP of Business Development Yonah Lloyd Science fiction writers and fans have been dreaming up self-driving cars for almost 100 years. In July, CNBC reported Google’s claim that autonomous cars will finally be available to consumers as early as 2020. It seems that nothing is putting the brakes on driverless cars, and the startup scene is helping drive the industry forward into safer territory with companies like Cruise, Delphi, Valeo, and Israel’s very own Mobileye, a technology company that develops vision-based advanced driver assistance systems providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. OurCrowd recently hosted a live conversation with Yonah Lloyd, VP of Business Development at Mobileye; Greg Moran, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoomcar; and Steven Millward, editor-in-chief of Tech in Asia, each bringing their unique viewpoint as we explore what’s next in autonomous driving. The conversation was...

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Sports tech panel: Which tech trends are shaping the future of sports?

“The way athletes train, the way a coach prepares, even the way the fans view the game is dramatically different, all because of technological advancement.” -NFL Hall of Famer Curtis Martin “It is certainly an exciting time to be in sports tech.” – Sports lawyer/Forbes, Inc contributor Darren Heitner As long as there have been humans, there have been sports, though we’ve come a long way from sticks and rocks. In the sports arena, the future is now: Sports technology is evolving fast, already in stadiums providing mind-blowing experiences for athletes, spectators, and even home viewers. That’s why the sports tech industry is producing some of the hottest investment opportunities today, ranging from performance enhancers and wearables (IntelliGym, Fitbit) to improving fans’ sports-viewing experience (Replay Technologies) and diagnosis & treatment of sports brain injuries (ElMindA). OurCrowd recently hosted a live conversation with NFL Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin, and Darren Heitner, Sports lawyer and Inc. magazine/Forbes contributor, each bringing their unique viewpoint as we explore what’s next in sports tech. The conversation was moderated by OurCrowd’s sports tech lead and BizDev rep,...

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