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Your guide to BioMed 2017: OurCrowd medtech on the agenda

OurCrowd is a co-organizer of MIXiii BioMed 2017, the leading event in Israel’s life science industry, which brings together thousands of healthcare industry professionals from around the world to scope out Israeli and global biomed technologies.  BioMed provides insight into the latest research and the thinkers who will create the medtech solutions of tomorrow. Taking place in Tel Aviv from May 23-25, the event will feature a number of OurCrowd senior professionals as well as portfolio companies, including: Intendu’s Active Brain Trainer: Transforming Brain Health in Aging and Following Injury and Disease  (May 23) with Son Preminger, Founder & CEO of Intendu. Watch her speak about the company here. Technology and the Elderly (May 24) with Allen Kamer, managing partner of OurCrowd Qure, Israel’s first digital health fund. Watch the Digital Health panel led by Allen at the OurCrowd Summit. Robotics Role in Aging (May 24) with Dor Skuler, CEO of Intuition Robotics will speak on how the company’s social companion technology can positively impact the lives of older adults. Watch Dor speak on the Machine Intelligence panel at the OurCrowd Summit. Early detection of...

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Let it get to your head: In 2017, Israel’s on the brain tech scene

After decades of being at the forefront of life sciences, specifically in medical technology innovation, Israel is now leading the way in another area of health care and advancement: brain science. Already well known for research and developments in the areas of robotics, optics, immunology, pharma, early disease detection, and surgery, Israeli start-ups are now making significant strides in neurology. 2015, in fact, saw the launch of Israel’s first braintech accelerator, Brainnovations, operating out of Tel Aviv. Disruptions in the detection and treatment of brain-related disease and functionality are sorely needed, and companies around the world are emerging with solutions related to Alzheimer’s, Stem Cell Therapy, central nervous system diseases, psychiatric disorders and more. We’re excited about what we’re seeing in Israeli brain innovation, in particular. Here are a few companies developing solutions that address significant neurological issues: ElMindA was founded in 2006 with the vision of revolutionizing the management of brain disorders and injuries. They’ve developed the world’s first FDA-cleared neuronal functional assessment tool. EIMindA’s solution uniquely measures how different parts of the brain communicate by uploading measured...

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The State of BioMed in Israel: Startup Nation celebrates life sciences at IATI’s BioMed 2015

Israel’s biomed industry is in full bloom; Don’t believe us? Let the numbers speak for themselves! Here are some stats that paint a quick picture of the industry growth: 1,380: the number of active biomed companies in the Startup Nation, an all-time high. 280: the number of R&D centers operating in Israel for foreign companies, including healthcare, for example: Johnson & Johnson, Philips, General Electric, Merck Serono, Abbott. $801 million: the amount raised from venture capital firms in 2014, which was 24% of all VC investments, showing recovery since the 2008/9 financial crisis. $2.9B: total sum of Israeli life science company acquisitions in 2013-14. Earlier this week, IATI released the 2015 Israel Life Sciences Industry Report that, in addition to the above-mentioned data, outlines the state of the biomed industry in the Startup Nation, including the investment landscape. OurCrowd is rated the “second most active life sciences investor in 2014,” right after VC firm OrbiMedIsrael Partners. With medtech encompassing 21% of OurCrowd’s investment portfolio, it would seem we are in line with the greater VC ecosystem in Israel. This indeed calls for a celebration. Luckily, it just so...

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The (Startup) State of Mind: 5 amazing brain technologies from Israel

There is no doubt about it, Israel is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in hundreds of various fields, pushing the boundaries in art and culture, biotech, medicine, the environment, science and technology. From drip irrigation to gadgets like the Disk-on-Key, from solar windows to the PillCam, almost any device you pick up has it’s origins in Israeli tech. The Startup Nation’s remarkable ingenuity constantly produces breakthroughs in products and processes that affect the way people around the world live their every day lives. With that in mind (no pun intended), it’s interesting to take a look at what innovations the top brains in Israel are working on in the neuroscience field. Bioassociate, a consulting firm for investors and businesses operating in the life science arena, put together a collection of Israel’s most prominent and promising brain tech companies, all of whom they claim exhibit a particular fondness for the word “brain”. Take a look at our summary below! Five Israeli Brain Techs to Watch 1) Brainsway Jerusalem-based Brainsway is a developer and marketer of Deep TMS systems, a novel, noninvasive medical device for treatment of a...

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What we’re hearing: Angel investing in Boston — with Richard Lucash

We recently posted about incredible opportunities we’re seeing to invest in Israeli startups, and it got us wondering what angel groups in other parts of the world have been seeing. To get some more color on the Boston tech scene, we went directly to the source. We had the chance to talk to Richard Lucash, a Boston-based attorney for emerging tech companies, about deal flow in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Richard co-founded the LaunchPad angel group and, with Jeff Stoler, recently launched a new angel group called SideCar Angels What’s deal flow like in Boston? In Boston, most angel group deals are syndicated.  The area is the national leader in doing angel syndications.  As part of this syndication effort, members of multiple groups may take part in due diligence.  SideCar is focusing on facilitating deals by filling out syndicated rounds. How do you generate deal flow? A large percentage of our deal flow comes from Boston area angel groups and micro VCs, however, often the companies approach us directly. What types of deals have you been seeing? We see...

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