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Pop stars with startups, hi-tech ALS challenge, GetTaxi on Israeli advantage [OurCrowd Newsletter]

It’s never quiet on the Israeli startup scene – and certainly not since two pop stars made their startup debut: Israeli rock star Yoni Bloch and American Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am. Two OurCrowd companies made Globes’ list of top 10 leading Israeli startups of 2014 – along with GetTaxi, whose CEO has much to say on the Israeli innovation advantage. Read on… and subscribe if you’d like to get these updates directly to your inbox! Among the top 10 Israeli startups of 2014: Two OurCrowd companies Consumer Physics and enVerid – two of OurCrowd’s portfolio companies – have snagged two of the top ten Israeli startup awards in the Globes-Journey competition, placing 5th and 8th on the list. The ranking is done by leading investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, with the aim of discovering promising companies that will be very prominent in Israeli high-tech in the coming years. Find out who else won. GetTaxi CEO Shahar Waiser: “Being Israeli gives us an advantage” In an interview with Israel’s leading business daily, Globes, GetTaxi founder and CEO Shahar Waiser...

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Hacking Google, Israeli security, and the future of startups

As more and more of our lives move to the cloud, web security becomes an increasingly important issue. Hey, even Google shells out good money to aspiring hackers to help it find its own vulnerabilities. In an article on ZDNet today, David Shamah profiles a couple of white-hat hackers finding holes in the massive search engine’s defenses. [bra_blockquote align=””]Israeli white-hat hackers have been among the more active in the Google programme; Hayak and hacker Shai Rod were rated among the top discoverers of security bugs for Google during 2012, and hacker Nir Goldshlager is number four on the list of all-time hackers on Google’s 0x0A list, based on the number of bugs discovered and the amount of money paid out by Google.[/bra_blockquote] All 3 hackers work for Israeli security firm, Avnet, which consults enterprises on security issues.  Israel is well-positioned to address web security as many of today’s leading entrepreneurs have experience locking down government and military networks. Here’s a list of 6 of the most interesting Israeli tech security firms: Zimperium: This company provides “extreme security” for mobile...

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