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[Launchpad in Entrepreneur] Is the Future of Manufacturing Automated or Autonomous?

I recently took part in The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show), a biweekly panel discussion exploring all things manufacturing, and perhaps more specifically, all things EMS. This particular episode explored the topic of autonomous manufacturing and had two visionary founders and CEOs who believe that the next revolution in manufacturing goes way beyond automation to autonomy. Read...

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[Launchpad in I-Connect007] Predicting a ‘Roaring Twenties’ Innovation Boom

The 2020s have not started as anyone would have wished. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in supply chains and in global manufacturing, yet this could still be the most innovative decade ever. COVID-19 exposed the need for evolution and perhaps even a revolution in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Many founders and CEOs of technology companies, from large and small EMS players, to those that supply them with software and equipment are predicting a period of rapid innovation and digital transformation. A group of the most interesting and influential founders and c-suite executives in the manufacturing world offered their own insights. Read...

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[Launchpad in Forbes] Post-Pandemic Manufacturing Innovation: Full Speed Ahead

The 2020 pandemic has stress-tested our manufacturing systems and global supply chains in unexpected (and unwelcome) ways. It has revealed new vulnerabilities and exposed old inefficiencies. New technologies have helped the manufacturing system adapt, but not as much as we could have wished. Could the pandemic shock now open the way for a change of pace in manufacturing innovation? Read...

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[Launchpad in Forbes] Is Launchpad.build The Tesla Of Manufacturing?

Ever driven along the freeway and envied those guys sitting in the driver’s seat of a Tesla TSLA +0.3%, not driving? Imagine if that kind of autonomy was possible in the world of hardware manufacturing. Well Launchpad believes it is, they are creating the first autonomous, or self-driving hardware product manufacturing ecosystem. You simply upload your CAD package for a complete product, and we’re talking complex products here, not just parts or PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies), and the system will plan production, procure parts and services, produce detailed work instructions and offer instant pricing. Read...

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