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[C2A Security in PR Newswire] C2A Security wins CES 2022 Innovation awards first-ever automotive cybersecurity lifecycle management solution

C2A Security, a leading provider of trusted automotive cybersecurity solutions, is today named CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its flagship product, AutoSec, the first comprehensive cybersecurity ever. I announced that. A Lifecycle Management System (CSMS) that enables industry stakeholders to identify and mitigate cyberattacks in today’s challenging environment. Read...

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[Labs/02 in Israel Hayom] Microsoft picks Israeli AI-based learning startup Magnilearn for education initiative

After concluding deals with public and private school networks in Israel, Korea and Japan, EdTech startup MagniLearn, founded by artificial intelligence (AI) researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been selected by Microsoft Israel in its AI for Good Acceleration Program as the most promising startup innovation in the field EdTech, the company announced Monday. Read more...

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[Labs/02’s IXDen in The Times of Israel] Startup steps up to defend Israel’s water network against Iranian cyberattackers

In 2020, Israeli media reported that Iranian hackers had infiltrated the computer network of six facilities controlling Israel’s water systems and disabled a sensor that detects chlorine levels. Without that tiny but vital piece of equipment, the chlorine in the drinking water could reach toxic levels or drop too low, allowing bacteria to grow in water used by millions of Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians. Read...

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