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[Kicksnation in Yahoo!] Why Kicksnation Wants to Be the Stitch Fix of Sneakers

Personal styling services in fashion aren’t new. But entrepreneur Tamir Buchler believes he has found an untapped market with sneakers. Buchler’s latest venture is Kicksnation, a service that sends you a curated selection of sneakers that are personalized to the subscriber’s tastes, with a focus on lifestyle and athletic looks. The service, which launched in June 2020, operates in a few simple steps: customers take a quiz, then three pairs of sneakers are curated using data and artificial intelligence and shipped out, and you only pay for the pairs kept. Read...

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[Kicksnation in Entrepreneur] This Husband and Wife Team Will Send Personalized Kicks to Your Door

If you love sneakers or want to up your shoe game, the husband-and-wife duo behind Kicksnation wants to help you track down your next pair. Tamir Buchler is the co-founder and CEO of Kicksnation, a personal styling service that focuses on the modern sneaker wardrobe. Buchler is a repeat entrepreneur with more 15 years of experience in senior management leadership roles at technology-based, online marketing and direct-to-consumer companies. He spoke with Jessica Abo to discuss his company’s rapid growth and his advice for entrepreneurs. Read...

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