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[Kenna Security in PR Web] Kenna Security Expands to Address Growing Information Security Demands in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Kenna Security, a vulnerability and risk intelligence platform that enables organizations to measure and monitor their exposure to risk, announced today that it is expanding to meet growing demands in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) regions and has hired Trevor Crompton to lead sales and partner efforts, and to build Kenna’s presence in the area. Read more on PR Web...

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[Kenna Security in CB Insights] The periodic table of cybersecurity startups

We put together a periodic table of cybersecurity that spotlights the top startups, industry categories, investors, and top exits since 2012. Public companies are excluded from the table. The unicorn company Okta, recently filed for IPO and it is also excluded. The table is meant to serve as a guide to navigate the key players in the space. The companies and investors in the table were chosen using CB Insights data and analytics on company momentum, financial health, and investor quality. The categories in our table are not all mutually exclusive. Below is the full periodic table of cybersecurity. Read more on CB Insights...

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[Kenna Security in PR Newswire] Kenna Security unleashes industry-leading Zero-Day capabilities through partnership with Exodus

Kenna, a vulnerability and risk intelligence platform that enables organizations to measure and monitor their exposure to risk, today announced its partnership with Exodus and its ability to offer customers easy, actionable access to premium zero-day data. The partnership ensures that Kenna’s customers have a “head start” in terms of determining what zero-day vulnerabilities may affect their organization. Many of Kenna’s customers are in the Fortune 500 and already have sophisticated vulnerability management programs, and therefore care a great deal about fortifying their efforts with zero-day intelligence. However, zero-day information is extraordinarily difficult to integrate with internal assets and meta data, and internal teams expend too many resources trying to apply that information to their own environments. Read more on PR Newswire...

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[Kenna Security in The Wall Street Journal] Survey Roundup: A Critical Look at Board Debate

Critical Eye: A survey of around 345 female board members by WomenCorporateDirectors and executive development firm Bright Enterprises Inc. found 77% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that boards would make better decisions if they were more open to debate and argument, while 94% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that succeeding as a board member means being open to criticism. Nearly 80% said board members need more training in how to give criticism. Read more on The...

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