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[Kemtai in PR Newswire] Kemtai partners with RecoveryOne to offer sensor-free virtual physical therapy solution

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kemtai, the interactive exercise platform that utilizes proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to provide users with real-time feedback and corrective guidance as they move, has partnered with RecoveryOne, a leading digital health innovator dedicated to improving health outcomes for recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries of all types and reducing costs. Read more...

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[Kemtai in T3] Kemtai review: workout better with the help of this online exercise platform

Kemtai is a unique workout platform that simply runs on a web browser. It gives you real-time feedback on your form so that you can do a wide range of exercises properly, within the context of a full workout routine. If you’re getting sloppy with your reps or don’t know how to perform a movement, the platform will give you visual and audible advice to help you stay on track. Read more...

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[Kemtai in Bustle] What It’s Like To Work Out With An AI-Based Trainer

The past year has been a monotonous blur of jogging, doing my favorite yoga flows, and cycling through the same handful of strength training exercises in my basement gym — so it’s fair to say I miss interactive exercise experiences more than I thought I would. Enter Kemtai: an artificial intelligence-powered fitness app that gives you personal training sessions right at home. Read more...

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